Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Couldn't resist...

I just got this email from my sweet friend Melyssa. She has four boys ages seven and five...yes, the five year olds are triplets! To add to it, she's single. Wow. Anyway, she just emailed me this morning with this story and after laughing my head off I asked her if I could include it in today's post. This is just too much...

"......I have waited years for this to happen and it has........all 4 of my boys are playing Monopoly together, correctly without fighting..........they are getting it! It has happened.......I am having coffee, sitting and not having to play the game myself.

Let me tell you all a funny story as well, yesterday afternoon, I was making dinner when I heard Hunter scream and start to cry. I go running into the bathroom, where he zipped his little winkie in his pants. It was okay, no blood, nothing, but he was in pain. He started screaming, asking me to "kiss" it............UM....HELL TO THE NO! While I felt bad that it hurt, um no. I tried several times to explain to him that I cannot kiss winkie, that it would feel better in a short time. He finally thought a bath might help him, which was a good distraction. Good lord........really? I laughed for a while about that one when he went to bed.


I mean seriously, these are the things in our everyday lives. Press on, Mommies!

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