Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just some stuff new moms should know...

OK, I've been compiling these lists in my head and one of them is a list of stuff that you need to know if you're having a kid anytime soon. Feel free to add to this list, mommies.

1. NO NEED for a Diaper Genie of any kind. It just stinks up your whole nursery. Just do what we do and buy some of those scented bags from Babies R Us (I think it's called "Especially for Baby" brand), wrap up the poopy diaper, tie it up in the bag, and go ahead and put it in the trash. Even the kitchen trash can is fine because the bag masks the scent and if you're anything like me you empty that blasted trash can a couple times a day anyway. I mean, just the thought of a Diaper Genie is ridiculous if you give it some thought. I mean who wants to leave rank diapers wrapped up in your kids' room for a week until the bag is full and you take it out. It's a waste of money, new mommies. I'm just sayin.

2. You have to try lots of bottles to find one that your kid likes. I personally fell for the "in" kind and bought all these expensive Avent bottles. What we found early on is that they leak like the dickens (what does that mean exactly? Don't know, but my Dad says it all the time). We used Playtex bottles and they worked fine. Of course they just came out with the info about how terrible plastic bottles are, but to apparantly I've already ruined my children anyway by not breastfeeding. And, true confessions, I heated those puppies up in the microwave all the time. I know, I know, I'm terrible.

3. Get some Baby Einstein or Baby Signing Time videos. They are crucial. Once they hit the stage where they can roll in the Johnny Jump Up then you can put on a video, let them jump around, and you, my sweet friend, can take a much needed shower. I know, I'm still terrible.

4. Have a wonderful five year old daughter to help you. Seriously, it's awesome. Maggie is a diaper fetcher, bottle holder, and a constant source of entertainment for the twins. Sorry folks, she's not for sale.

I can't think of any more right now because Mag is curled up on my lap begging me to read "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" to her. She keeps moving her head in my way so I can't see the screen and I have to pay attention to her. Maybe I should run? Later blogettes.


Anonymous said...

I never understood the allure of the Diaper Genie. Diaper sausages, who needs them?

Love the picture of you and the girls.


Anonymous said...

You are such a reasonable Mom. Some new moms I know are using organic cloth diapers, designed in a special way, and washed (probably organically), etc. I ask you - when they are 18 who will know and what difference will it have made?
Love your children, Buffy.
Miss you guys,

nicolefiehler said...

you are so entertaining :) and from a new "mom to be", thank you for your words of wisdom, or hilarity...they are helpful!

rawbin said...

Buffy! it's Robin (Sterrett) Plemmons! Sometimes i randomly check your blog from Leslie's & i think i caught it just in time to see this post! I'm expecting a girl in October. yay!

I need all the new mom advice i can get- from women i trust. So thanks!!!!

Your girls are ADORABLE!