Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Birthday Footage

I realize more and more how conceited I must be in continuing to blog videos of my children along with our wonderfully exciting daily habits . I mean, I just think they're so adorably hilarious that I feel like I just have to share it. I know every parent thinks these things about their kids. Like today I was driving the hoop-d van, looked back in my rearview mirror at my three wide-eyed princesses watching a DVD and thought, "seriously, my children are the most precious, adorable, beautiful little angels ever." And if you're a parent please don't try to act like you haven't thought the same thing.

On that note, here is another video clip from the twins' first birthday party #3 that we celebrated at the beach a couple weeks ago. I just love watching anyone shove chocolate in their mouth - especially if they are one year olds.

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