Monday, March 10, 2008

Sorry I haven't written much lately. I never really get around to it on the weekends - I always think I'll have more time then, but I really don't. This weekend, though, Ian and I got a special treat. Our friends Beth and Kurt kept all three kids for 6 hours so we could pack up some boxes for our move. Only a mother of three young children would think that packing up your house in silence is a treat. But it totally was - I could actually hear myself think and it was glorious. Ian and I had complete conversations and laughed together at each other, not at the kids. It was fun. Then we went to look at furniture, which was fun too.

I can't believe we move in two weeks! Easter weekend the kids are going to my mom and dad's so we can get after it and I am so grateful for that. I think Sandy, Ian's mom, is either coming here to help or going to help my parents with the kids. We really can't wait to move - the house is great and the neighborhood is awesome. We went out to the neighborhood yesterday for their "spring fling" and it was a hoot. I have never seen so many young families in one neighborhood in my life. Cool. Afterward we drove over to our house and looked in the windows since we still can't get in. Maggie and I ran around our yard and it just made me so excited to have a place for the kids to run, a neighborhood to walk around, a pool to go to in the sweltering summer. Just can't wait.

OK, I don't really have anything witty or interesting to share today. Got too much rattling around in my brain to be thinking about amusing myself on the blog. There are bags to pack and babies to deal with. Sorry for the boring post.

One really exciting thing, though...Zoe pulled up this weekend! She is getting so big - she is such a fast crawler and she's into everything. As much of a pain as that stage can be, it's really fun to see her changing right before my very eyes.

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Anonymous said...

show us some pics of the house in the coolest neighborhood ever! so excited for ya!