Saturday, March 1, 2008

More pictures

As if you haven't had enough photos of my kids...
The past couple weeks have been so fun, though, that I just wanted to include some pics. Two weeks ago for Maggie's birthday we took cupcakes to her preschool and afterward everyone somehow surrounded Sandy (Ian's mom) and wanted her to read them a book. As you can see, TOri was in the middle of the action. Ian was there too, but he was half asleep because he took the red eye from Portland the night before. I dragged him out of bed and to school - what a good hubby and daddy!
The next week we were at the beach with my parents and various siblings and their kids. I think I already told you about that. The boys in the pics are Watts, Nate and Sam (in that order) and they are Jeannie's kids. Maggie has such a blast with Watts and Nate - it's really a trip. It was also great for me because I actually got to go to the grocery store a couple times by myself! Mom and Dad watched all six kids one morning so Jeannie and I could ride bikes for some exercise. Of course, we ended up gorging on a breakfast buffet at the restaurant up the street, but at least we didn't drive there, right?

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