Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's a's a's....

Definitely not SuperMom. Yesterday was a series of mommy blunders - and it all happened before 9:00 in the morning.

First of all, I was feeling so good about myself because the night before I had spent a good hour or so planning the next morning so it would go smoothly. So Tuesday night I packed Maggie's lunch, made the girls' bottles, packed BOTH of their diaper bags because Zoe was staying with Beth while I took Tori to the cardiologist. I even put Maggie's pictures for her teacher in an obvious place so she and Ian wouldn't forget to take them to school. I went to bed exhausted, but prepared.

Wednesday morning rolls around and I jump up and get after it. It all goes well...both twins are fed their bottles, Zoe's in the jumpy thing and Tori's chillin' on the bed while Maggie and Ian are in the room. I am running around getting clothes for everyone and trying to get myself presentable when Ian and Maggie head downstairs to go to school and work. I walk back into my room to see my sweet Tori on her back and half hanging off the bed. "Ahhhh!," I scream, which scares Tori to death and she does a complete back flip and lands flat on her face on the floor (carpeted, thank God). She's screaming, I'm freaked out, Maggie starts crying because her sister is hurt. It wasn't pretty, but Tori was totally fine after about 30 seconds. SuperMom incident #1.

So I've barely recovered from the bed fiasco when I kiss Maggie and Ian goodbye and send them off for the day. For some reason, though, something is hanging in the back of my mind that I need to do. Can't think for the life of me what it is, so I continue on my way. About 10 minutes later I'm loading the twins in the car and I grab a granola bar to snarf down on the way to our new house. Then I remember...Maggie had NO BREAKFAST! I sent her to school with no breakfast whatsoever. SuperMom incident #2. Also come to find out that I forgot to put her "field trip shirt" on her that morning because they were going to see "Cat in the Hat" - without me...pretty much the only mom not there (could be SuperMom incident #3, but I'm over it. I know those ladies at preschool know I'm losing my mind so I'm sure they're not surprised my girl is not decked out in her lime green "Mandarin Preschool" shirt.)

What a morning. It does make me feel a little better to remember the blunders that my own sweet mom encountered during her 25 years of having kids at home. More than once she bought her groceries, went to get the car to pull it up and have them load the car, and ended up in our garage at home without ever THINKING to pull up to get the groceries. She would open the back hatch of the mammoth station wagon and realize that there were no groceries to be had. There are other instances too, but I don't want to throw her under the bus any more than I already have. I'll save those stories for when I have another one of these days. I'm sure there will be many.


nonnie said...

you make my day!!!...your sense of humour about "living the dream", is my link to my family and with this one i have snapshots of tori hitting the floor, maggie dissolving into a puddle over her little sister, mom mortified over maggie's missing breakfast (forget that many times you have to coach mags into even eating at required times)...ah, these are the stories of the future family gatherings!! and grace...nonnie

Anonymous said...

Tori can do a backflip?!
That kid is coordinated.