Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Question for the day...

Have you ever had the pleasure of pushing a Target shopping cart, carrying a 10 month old, into a bathroom stall while holding another (albeit small) 10 month old on your person in the Baby Bjorn so that you can go poopy? Keep in mind that the Bjorn is occupied for the duration of the visit.

I just laugh at my life sometimes.

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Meredith said...

wow, I've never had that experience. But your description sure made me feel glad I went to Target by myself today to buy hair dye for the first time & then come home to drink a beer while my roommate did my hair :)

What different lives we lead...and HOW I love you & your blog! I can't wait to go poop in Target with a baby strapped to me someday! I'll call you when that happens :)

Can't wait to see you sometime soon!! Hope the new house is great!!