Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Must keep blogging!

Howdy blogettes, from my new abode! It's a friggin zoo over here, but my mother in law and her sister have been visiting and they are getting after it! The girls rooms all look better than they did at my old house, frankly. Everything has a place and all that stuff. It's very un-Buffy-like to have things put away and I have to say I truly love it.

Our new house is so great and so perfect. I usually have a really hard time with transition, but this one has been a breeze. The house is back in a great neighborhood with TONS of kids and families. Our house backs up to the most peaceful pond frequented by numerous birds every morning when the fog is over the water. It's really nice to have a peaceful setting outside since it's 24/7 chaos inside these walls. I do feel so blessed.

On Saturday we had some GREAT friends help us cart things back and forth, as well as watch my princesses the entire time. The girls were supposed to go to my mom and dad's, but my grandmother is really ill and had to go to the hospital so it didn't seem right to dump my kids with mom while she's spending virtually every second with Nana. We have gotten some fun stuff, like new rugs, pillows for the couch, bed stuff for us and Mag. It's been fun to do all that. Ian, however, hasn't been nearly as excited as I have been about the fru fru stuff. He just kept dropping not-so-sublte hints about getting a humongous hdtv. We would laugh and say, "that'll be the day." Well, I finally decided to give him the thumbs up on the TV and put off some of the other stuff I want (like living room furniture or a fence for the backyard death trap, you know...crazy stuff like that). So I told him this on Monday night after work and he said, "Thanks honey, but I know there's a lot of stuff we need. I want to think about it and take a look at things and see. I just don't know." Well, Tuesday afternoon at 5:00 I called to see what time he was coming home from work. He told me he left work early and was headed to buy the tv! Hilarious. Needless to say, last night was spent hooking up the most humongous, incredibly clear television I have ever seen. It really is a beauty.

Just think, now we can watch Tyler Hansborough and the Heels win the National Championship on the big screen! Every pore, every drop of sweat will be right there for us to see.

I must say that "Dancing with the Stars" in HD was really cool - especially the Jonas Brothers...they are so dreamy. Maggie had me tape it so she could see them.

That's about the extent of it. I'll post some Easter pics when I can. So cute. I'm off to watch Sports Center in HD...

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