Monday, February 11, 2008

What do you want first...

...the good news or the bad news? There seem to be a lot of both these days. I guess the good news because I'm not sure I'm ready to blog about the bad quite yet.

The good news starts a couple weekends ago. My mom, bless her, was in town and she watched the twins for the day so we could take Maggie to Disney for her 5th birthday. Now, I could have stopped that last sentence with"she watched the twins for the day" and that would have been all the good news I needed. I realized as we drove the "bumper-van" down to Orlando that I haven't been away from the girls for one whole day since I had them. For those of you at home, that's roughly 8 and a half months of day in and day out babies! Crazy. I seriously wouldn't trade it for the whole world, but I have to say that it felt mighty fine to get away and visit Mickey. The pics are from the High School Musical "pepper-rally" (as Mag calls it), and as you can see we both got up to learn the dance. Hey, we ARE all in this together, after all. It was a blast.

Now for great news #2: while we were in line to meet and greet the Monsters, Inc. creatures, our realtor called and told us that we were in business for the house we wanted! Yippee! After much finageling (is that a word?) we were able to have the folks accept our offer and we are closing on March 17th. So so so great. We are going to be in a wonderful neighborhood with tons of families and kids and a yard and, well, hard wood floors. Can't ask for more! We are both thrilled.

To top off that wonderful day, we got a call from my oh so sweet friend, Jenn Holbrook, who got us some tickets to see the Heels play ball against FSU the next day. Seriously, I don't know if the weekend could have been any better. I wasn't going to go because I really didn't ask Mom to come down so that I could take off and act like a crazy care-free woman all weekend, but I did go and it was great. Maggie went with us and we drove three hours down, watched the game, met the Heels afterward, and drove straight back. It was so fun to be able to see our beloved Heels play in Fla. And I think they felt the karma from Maggie because she was there and cheering her head off. She made a sign that said, "Go Tarheels, Love, Maggie" and held it up during the whole first half. Our point guard, Ty Lawson, got hurt early in the game and is going to be out for a while. Afterward we got to go back and meet the team and Maggie gave "Mr. Lawson" her sign. So cute, so fun...I don't think I've ever seen Ian so proud.

It was great to have all that going on that weekend - mainly because we both knew that on Wednesday we would be going to the geneticist to find out the results of all of Tori's testing. We did go and see the doctor and thankfully they had all her bloodwork back. They told us, though, that little T has a chromosomal disorder. I don't really know what to say about it yet, except that it's so very rare and there's a LOT we don't know. She is in good health, though, and it looks like she will probably always be pretty small, and her intellect will be affected - we just don't know to what degree. It was a lot to swallow - still swallowing, actually. And I'm not really ready to wax poetic about it, but I did want to let all of you in blogland know the story. At the end of the day, as our pediatrician reminded us, she is still our sweet Tori and we love her to pieces - as we do all our unique little princesses. This is a picture of the three of them engrossed in Baby Einstein, by the way. ....And while we're on the subject, I just realized as I typed Einstein that he totally and completely blows the "i before e except after c" scenario.

So blogettes, there's the latest. It's a lot but there it is. Signing off now to check on my hubby, who has quite a man-cold at the present time.


nonnie said...

go smiths, go maggie, go much, so fast!...can't wait to see you soon, and bask in the family that i love...nonnie

Anonymous said...

I like your short hair, and that picture of the girls watching TV together is awesome.


Julie said...

no stinkin' way! you got your picture taken with Wayne. he's dreamy. maybe you can introduce Jenn and I and we can become good friends :)