Friday, February 8, 2008


OK, we've had a WHOLE lot going on around here and I don't feel like blogging about any of it. Too much. Too heavy. I'll get to that another time.

Tonight, though, Maggie and I were watching, you guessed it, Paula Deen on the On Demand channel and all the dishes she made were with cheese. Please tell me you've seen this. It was like the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. I mean I really think she sits around and thinks about how she can fatten up any already fattening recipe. So she makes artichoke dip, cheese straws and cheesecake. Those are all good recipes...fattening, but Southern staples. Then she decides to do the unthinkable - she refrigerated her macaroni and cheese, then cut it in squares, wrapped the squares in BACON, dipped the squares in flour, then eggs, then rolled them in breadcrumbs guessed it...FRIED the mac and cheese. It was even too much for me. I really could barely watch it (as I stuffed chicken enchilada casserole and three chocolate chip cookies in my mouth). And the best part is that she even knows it's excessive as she laughs and chuckles her way toward giving us a heart attack. I love her. I love her show and her food. It's excess at it's best.

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Michelle said...

Wow. That could not sound more delicious. On the other hand, just the thought of one bite makes my stomach gurgle with indigestion.