Friday, February 15, 2008

Sugar Shock

OK, so I was a little bitter the other day when I posted my last entry. Sorry about that. I am really not in a terrible place, I was just having an angry moment. Thank you to all of you who commented or called to encourage me!

Anyway, I thought I would update you a bit on our last couple days. Wednesday was Maggie's Valentine's Party at school, which I signed up to put together. It was really fun, but I have to say that as I was making 18 pb&j sandwiches and then cookie cutting them into heart shapes I wondered whether or not we do all this stuff for the kids or for the other grown-ups who will be there. I really loved doing it and getting the food together for the party. I just decided to live with the "less is more" philosophy so my partner in party planning (Stephanie) and I decided we would go with no treat bags. Is that so wrong? I mean, they go home with treats and valentines from everyone in their class...why do they need more crap that's just going to eventually find it's way to Goodwill, or more likely the trash can? So we just had a little lunch and some goodies, we read a book and we played Bingo. It was a fun party.

Valentine's Day around my house is the most busy day of the year for me, I decided. Not only is it the day you are trying to shower your loved ones with cards, candy and love, but it is also Miss Maggie's birthday! Suffice it to say that we have numerous boxes of chocolate, birthday cake, bags of cookies, cupcakes, and leftover strawberry rice krispy treats from her school party...all stacked up on the counter in my kitchen. They're right there just staring square at my belly, ready to be inhaled and virtually taped onto my midsection at any given moment of the day or night. Mag had a great day, though, because Ian's mom is in town and we pretty much let her do whatever she wanted all day (within reason). Then after her nap we blindfolded her, put her in the bumper-van and drove her to the park where a few friends jumped out to surprise her. The reason we did this is because for a couple weeks Maggie has been telling me that she REALLY wants me to throw her a surprise party. I tried to explain that this isn't the way it works, but that didn't seem to matter. So I called a few friends at the last minute and they met us at the park for cake. We took her to Disney a couple weeks ago in place of a party, but I'm a sucker and I wanted her day to be special, so I made it happen. I'm such a good mommy.

To top off this sugar-infested week, we took cupcakes to her class today so we could sing Happy Birthday...for the millionth time. I guess you're only five once, but seriously. It was fun, though.

So these are the pics from this week. I tried hard this morning to start the day in a South Beach kind of way (eggs, cheese, whole wheat toast)...I even went to Starbucks and got a skinny latte. Does that mean that it's going to make me skinny by just drinking it? Once again I fall prey to the Starbucks marketing machine. I did great until dinner, where I ate fries, a chicken sandwich (also fried), and white wine. Then I polished off the chocolate birthday cake with cream cheese icing. I seriously think that's the best thing in the world. If you want to make me circumstantially, momentarily, exceedingly happy, just go buy a chocolate cake mix from the store, a can of icing, and watch me go to work. gotta get some, blogettes.


Doug said...

Hi Buffy, We tried the less is more philosopy on Valentine's -sent in cards with a little lollipop attached to each to Kate's preschool friends. Kaitlyn came home with many goodie bags that were part of individual valentines. in which a lollipop was only one of about 7 treats in the bag, as well as a BIG goodie bag from the class valentine party. I feel like I'm serving my kids well by trying to teach them that simple is good too but also thinking I only have about one more year until Kaitlyn starts getting embarrassed by the sorry old lollipop taped to the valentine card. Ha!
Started back on the South Beach too, only to be sabotaged about 11 am by the dark chocolate M and M's calling my name from the pantry. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day.
Love to your family. Ginny

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping me laughing! I can relate to the sweets stacked on the counter...I finally asked J.R. to hide our chocolate stash and not tell me where he put it. So far I am doing better with my chocolate intake but you guessed it...I've turned to other things. And now my parents are visiting with their own chocolate stash (Hershey's dark and Little Debbie Devil Cremes!)...I can't get away from it. I would love to call you soon to catch up instead of just lurking on your blog...Eliza