Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's been a long time...

I shouldn'tuh left you - without a dope beat to step to - (Thanks, Timbaland and Aaliyah). Sorry it's been a while since I've written. Last week we went to the beach with my parents, Jeannie, Kelly, their kids and my brother David. Where did all of those people stay, you wonder? Well, in true Sloan fashion we crammed six adults, three kids and three infants in a three bedroom two bath condo at Litchfield. And it actually wasn't that bad! Maggie had such a blast with Watts and Nate, and we had fun cooing at the babies.

Just a few bullet points from the week:

*Zoe is crawling - not just rocking back and forth and rolling around the room, but more like, "Hey, there's a plastic bag that I bet I could get and pull over my head - I'll go get it and see if they notice!". So, needless to say, my life has changed dramatically in a matter of a few days. It's so stinkin cute, though.

*Maggie is swimming - I mean jumping in by herself, going under and swimming, trying new stuff all the time. This is really good since, according to my parents and Ian's mom we have a "death trap" in our backyard at our new house. There's a pond back there and I think they are certain we are going to let the kids run wild into the water. Just kidding - we are going to get a fence soon.

*Tori - what can I say? Three weeks ago when she started her physical, occuptaional and speech therapy she wasn't doing too terribly much except looking adorable. Now she is rocking back and forth on all fours, trying to crawl like Zoe, she babbles ALL the time (she didn't to this at all, really, a week and a half ago). She is eating great, transferring things from one hand to the other, sitting up much better, and she isn't as stiff as she used to be. I just can't believe all the changes. She is really alert and interactive, which does my heart so good. It's just fun to see her growing developmentally. I know these things started happening around the time we started the therapies and I do think that has helped, but I really really think that there are so many people praying for her since we got the diagnosis that I believe that is why she is growing so rapidly. I'm just really grateful.

*Ian - going on a lot of business trips, but at least he has snazzy new luggage to take with him. He's been trying to pull off this whole house purchase and that's no small feat. He is really doing all the work this time, and I gotta say that I am so glad. I just don't think I could handle organizing another thing right now. Our house, by the way, is so super great. I don't have any pics, but it's just perfect for us and we are thrilled. He's a great hubby, and he looks really good in the new jeans I got him.

*Me - I have a babysitter coming over for the afternoon and I seriously cannot wait. Now when you read that last sentence you might think I am going to spend the afternoon with a friend, at Starbuck, at the spa or the beach. No, I'll be going to Publix and Costco and if I'm lucky, the outlets to buy a pair of pants that fit my arse. But I'll be going BY MYSELF and that's worth the highway robbery of babysitting fees today. I got up this morning and knew I just had to get out of here. The girls are sweet and great and nothing's wrong, I just thought I might go crazy if I had to do the whole day again without a break. So, I'm off to make a grocery list and buy diapers in peace.


nonnie said...

buff...ah!!relief....do you realize how we buffyblog addicts rely on your words for family updates, humor, humor, humor?!!..talking to my sister susan recently and she was concerned as you had not "blogged" recently...i reassured her that you had been on vacation (hah!!)and prompty updated her as only a nonnie could...ya got a responsibility, sorry for the added angst, but.....afterall, i just gave my hair stylist your blog with info that it would make her day!!..welcome back and i am certain that the millions of prayers are surrounding "the fam"..love and grace

Anonymous said...

seriously, your blog TRIPS me out. i love reading it! The only thing missing is some pics of your sweet girls :) love you!! Katy