Thursday, December 20, 2007

The sweetest sound...

I've just recently discovered the sweetest sound in the's the babies laughing at Maggie. I thought it was cute when Tori laughed at me or Zoe flashed me that grin, and it was. But there's seriously nothing sweeter on earth than hearing them crack up at each other. It just makes me so happy and reminds me of my own house growing up. Of course there were other sounds in our house - yelling, screaming, fighting too - but I remember LOTS of laughter. Still to this day no one can make me laugh harder than my siblings. It's that full, hilarity, gotta run to the bathroom kind of laughter with them...and I can see it starting in my girls already.

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Anonymous said...

I have to say the interaction between siblings is something I had not thought of when I labored over the decision about when/if to have another baby. It makes it all worth it - it's better than a paycheck! And you're right, Will makes her laugh harder and louder than anyone else can. Wathing them together makes me feel like my cup runneth over... and you have that times two! :)

Did you send the video to Paula yet?

Much love, Neally