Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Big Weekend

This weekend was so fun! Saturday we just hung out at our house and took it easy - playing with the kids and napping and stuff. I forgot to mention last week that we are having to take Tori to a bunch of specialists to get her checked out because she's so tiny. So all weekend Mom and Sandy were testing her out - trying to get her to sit, stand, laugh, talk, whatever. It was funny. The pic of Tori surrounded by red above is when they pinned her in between the couch, the ottoman, and some pillows to get her to stand up. It was hilarious. Tori is so strong and she loves standing straight - she's just not very pliable and she doesn't bend well at the waist. So they just stood her up and surrounded her. It was really funny.
Saturday night the grandparents stayed with the kids so Ian and I could go out for our seven year anniversary! It was so great to get away together and have a fun night. We went out to the intracoastal to a place called Lulu's and had yummy seafood. Then after dinner we took chairs and sat out by the dock and watched a Christmas boat parade with about 50 other people. It was really so fun and neat. They had a fire pit out there and you could just sit with a beer and watch the crazy boats go by.
Sunday morning was the baptism. As if it's not crazy enough trying to get our family to a normal day of church, we had to get everyone in and out of the shower/bath and into presentable, non-puked clothes. It seriously took all five adults and one quite cooperative four year old to pull it off, but we managed to do it and actually get there on time. It was a really special day - our friends from church were there and the Bernards and Putmans were there too. It was so fun and the babies did great. Tori just smiled and cooed at our pastor the whole time, which was precious. Zoe looked like a deer in headlights, and Maggie was the sweet little proud big sister. I was so proud of our little family. I just love them so much and I have the greatest husband. It was just one of those moments when you just beam! I'll try to send more pics when I get them.


Kelly said...

great red shoes, BTW, those are fabuloso!!
the girls are getting so big. cant wait to see you guys at christmas!

tami said...

girl, your family is adorable!!! as much as they can make us crazy, its fun to have a day where you "beam" because of them! keep us posted on tori's appt....i'm praying!

Emily M said...

aaah! buffy! cutest family ever! the thing that i really was driven to comment on was your shoes though... someone beat me to it. SO cute!
i tried to call you after i got your message but you didn't pick up. it's ok. :) i can't wait to see you when you come up for a heels game! yay!
love you. :)