Saturday, December 8, 2007

What a great Saturday

It's just 9 am, but we've been up and at 'em for quite a while around here. Last night Ian's mom, Sandy, and my mom and dad came into town for the twins' baptism this Sunday. I am at the computer printing off Christmas coloring pages for Maggie and "Doc" (my dad) to color in the kitchen. Ian's washing the dishes (what a studly, sweet hubby), and Mom and Sandy are feeding Zoe and Tori. I can hear them all in there laughing and washing and goo-gooing at the babies. I have to say that it makes me tear up to listen to them. It just makes me so happy to have my family here in our house. The tree is up and lit, the ipod is playing Christmas music, our bellies are full of yummy breakfast pastries, and I am actually sitting by myself at the computer without anyone crawling all over me!

Hope you all are taking time to enjoy the season. I have literally left the house twice this week during the day, so it makes it a little easier to "slow down" and do fun stuff like color Santa's sleigh, sing Christmas tunes, watch Rudolph for the tenth time, and drink hot chocolate. You gotta try it!

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