Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What's up in blogland?

Hey folks. Sorry for the major hiatus, but we were out of town for about a week and a half. We went up to SC for Granny Lee's funeral, then we went to Asheville for the weekend to visit Ian's mom. Next, the kids and I spent the week at my parents' while Ian was on a business trip and then at a retreat. Whew. I'm exhausted, and so are the kids. We all have snotty noses, and droopy, sleepy eyes. I'll write more when I can, but for now, know that I have missed my times at the computer! My parents, bless em, are still using dial up, so it's tough to get online much. (Not dogging you, mom and dad...well, I guess I am).

Just a few bullet points that have run through my head over the past couple weeks:

*Hate to admit that Hillary is right about the village
*Grandparents are life-savers...literally. Not sure if the twins would be here if it weren't for the grands relieving me of my duties in the middle of the night.
*Note to self...don't try to drive home from the zoo in Columbia if you have twins in your car and President Bush is in town, or a 20 minute trip turns into a two hour sightseeing tour of the cotton fields in rural SC. ("Smiling faces, beautiful places...ahhhh!")
*The Johnny jump up is the greatest invention of the 21st century.
*Right behind Zanax, Zoloft, white wine and chocolate

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Julie said...

my parents still have dial up, too. use it to your advantage...click on a website, go away and do something else...like cook dinner...or write a book.