Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day

So we're here in Asheville with Ian's mom and his family and it's so great. Someone has literally been holding one of my babies the ENTIRE time we've been here. And I actually got to read part of a People magazine this morning...Sexiest Man Alive issue...even better. That's one of my favorite pastimes in coming to Nonnie's house - she always has great magazines and cool spa-like products in our guest bathroom.

Just to update you, Mom's out of the hospital and doing great. Jeannie had her baby and after two days of deliberating, they decided to name him Samuel Kelly McCormick. (Kelly is her hubby's name). He's so precious and little, though he's only a couple pounds lighter than Tori is at 6 months. I'll attach pics later.

One thing I'm so grateful for this year is my blog. It has helped me stay sane and given me an outlet to air my craziness over the past few months. Thanks for reading it - and even if no one's really reading it, I just love doing it. I love cracking myself up, and wish I could tell you all the thoughts that go through my head that I just can't or won't write about on this thing. Hey, I'm a mommy and don't want to embarass myself too much!

Hope you are all eating tons of Turkey, pie and Chardonnay today! Naps for everyone!


Michelle said...

I love reading your blog and thankful for it! It's always entertaining and a nice little retreat from my mommy duties when I have the time.

Margot said...

Girl, it's like a soap opera. At the Blacknall Presbyterian Church nursery desk yesterday Ginny Busch actually caught me up on the shows I'd missed! You rock.