Thursday, November 8, 2007

So much to update you on...

So hilarious to watch Zoe in this johnny jump up. About as hilarious as it is to see Tori try to get in there. I mean, when Tori's in the jumpy, it's literally like placing a newborn baby in there and expecting the baby to go to town. Only Tori can hold her head up and she's strong as an ox. Seriously, pound for pound she's stronger than anyone else in our family. She could easily slip through the leg holes, though. So funny...I'll try to get a picture of it.

It's been a lifesaver, though, with Zoe. Zoe is the most butterball-ish, kissable little kid, but she definitely likes to be held, which is a problem if you have two babies, a four year old, and only two arms to yourself. So needless to say, the jumpy has been a blessing.

Amazing how excited I get when we pull out a new toy for the twins to use. The exersaucer now has a porminent place in our den, though Zoe won't get with it yet and Tori's little feet won't reach the bottom. Seriously, though, there is so much gear in my house that in any given place in the townhouse you are just a few short steps away from another place to place the babies. I knocked the mess out of my leg the other day when I was simply trying to to get from the kitchen to the couch. There are car seats, bouncies, bumbos, johnny jump ups, exersaucers, swings, pack-n-plays, and other various baby-gear items everywhere! Not to mention Polly Pocket's numerous outfits dotting the floors of every room. Our vaccuum cleaner bag is full of teeny-tiny platform shoes that Polly has lost along the way.

By the way, I'm now a brunette, as you can see from my picture with pocahontas on Halloween. I'm going back to my roots...literally.


lesliesloan said...

oh how I love how crazy babies look in turtlenecks! You never get to see their necks anyway and then to add a turtle feature to enhance the no neckness-I LOVE IT! I can't wait to kiss your babies in two weeks!

Martha said...

I LOVE THE PICTURES! Oh, and I found some pictures from Maggie when she was baby and she and Tori look just alike. I gotta get down there babe.