Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am in Columbia for a few days visiting my family and am so happy to be here! Today we just played with cousins all day - except for Emmaline who is really too little to play yet, but I know she'll be joining in soon. It's really fun and crazy having six kids six and under all in the same place. They have a total blast and we, the parents and grands, have a blast watching them. We also are exhausted. Today I put all six kids in my Honda minivan, buckled in the ones that would crawl out, and turned on Cinderella for them all to watch while Jeannie and I loaded the cars to get ready to leave. It was blazing hot outside so I had the AC pumping. The Odyssey was getting a workout, I must admit. Dangit, though, if there weren't three new warning lights lit up on the dash when we drove off. My first thought was that one of the kids had gotten up there and pushed some buttons but Maggie, my little Sherlock Holmes, told me that no one had been in the front.

Soooo...long story longer...I have to go to the dealership and pay out the wazoo to have them figure out the lights. Ugh.


Margot said...

Is "Sherlock Holmes" the nice way of saying "tattletale"?

Cuz that's how it is in my van...

Allison said...

Hey! I wanted to let you know I have a friend that is moving to Jacksonville in about 2 weeks and she knows NO ONE! Can I give her your number.....well, can I get Jeannie to give it to me and give it to her? Her name is Christine and she is lots o fun.....little boy about the twins age and a little girl due soon:)
allison(Jeannie's crazy friend;))