Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday/Father's Day/Birthday...

It's a busy few days around the Smith household. Saturday was Ian's 35th birthday, Sunday was of course Father's Day, and today is the big 37 for me. The twins are so confused - they have sung the Happy (insert holiday here) song a million times lately so now they just sing it all the time. Pretty cute.

Thanks everyone for your emails, calls and comments about my hard day last week. I really appreciate it - your support helps me more than you know. I sometimes feel alone with this whole chromosome disorder thing and knowing you are with me makes me feel like, well, you're with me.

We have had such a fun summer so far. The day Maggie got out of school we piled in the van and headed to SC for fun with the Sloan fam. The cousins had a blast (we missed you, Asher and Lucy!), and then we went to the lake for a couple days. It was really relaxing and I wasn't ready to come back! There's just something about being there - it feels so remote, yet you know you're only 20 minutes from a Wal-Mart...well, who isn't these days. It's so great to sit around at night and swing on the porch while Dad plays guitar and the kids run around. And I always am ready for bed around 9 because it gets so blissfully dark and quiet.

Our last morning we went out on the pontoon for a while and it was a blast! Maggie is a little daredevil and she would ride on that thing all day. Zoe decided she wanted to try it so we rode together and she was happy as a lark. Then I decided to give T a try and she got right in there with me. I couldn't believe it! She liked it too, which was so fun. I was so proud of all of them, especially Tori because she usually doesn't like to be bombarded with water and noise and all that. She did so great! It was so fun and I want to go back. I wish we still did things in the summer like go "away" for three months to the beach or lake or wherever. It's just good for family. Ian wasn't able to be with us this time, but hopefully we can get back up there and spend some time with the kids before school starts again. I think those summers at the lake growing up are my favorite memories and I so want that for my kids.

Needless to say, my waistline has not enjoyed all this vacationing/celebrating. I gotta get back on the wagon here this week and stay off the (chocolate) sauce. Mmmm, it's been so fun to splurge, though!

Weight Watchers here I come. (BTW, I don't even think I've mentioned that on the blog. I am doing WW with a good friend and it's been so great. Lost 11 lbs so far, but gotta get back on that counting train tomorrow!).


judy stanton said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUFFY!!!!! Wow, can't believe you're 37 already, although I should since Linda was pregnant with you when she was in our wedding and we just celebrated 37 years in December! Hope you've had a great day and give Ian a belated "Happy Birthday" from us! Love the pictures of the girls--so cute!

Love, Judy

Margot said...

Happy Birthday, BUFFY!!!!!

I had such happy birthday thoughts of you this week, cuz Peter took me surprise rollerskating to celebrate the big 4-0!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allison said...

Happy Birthday:) Love all the pictures! I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you after your "hard" day post....hugs...

Way to go on the WW loss! I have been doing it since October and have lost 18 pounds....whooohooo:) But, I just got back from vacay myself and gained today;) I am back on tomorrow:D

Anonymous said...

Girl Power. Maggie may be your superstar, but I think Tori is your superhero.