Monday, January 19, 2009

Make new friends, but keep the old...

Why keep the old? Well, what if the new ones don't like you and you insult them the first time you have them over for dinner?

This past Saturday night we had this fun couple over for dinner. We ordered pizza, made dessert, and they brought the drinks. All was going well until I took a sip of the beer and made some comment about how I didn't like it. (It was one of those lime flavored beers and I actually hadn't given it a good college try, so I finished it and it turned out to be quite tasty!). Anyway, that was party foul #1. Luckily our new friends (or so we hoped) seemed to overlook my foot in mouth issue and continue on with the night.

We made it on to dessert and I had made these raspberry thingies that were darn good, I must say. We also had some ice cream that I offered - peppermint, which just happens to be my fave. Anyway, as I was offering it I made some comment about how "I know most guys don't like mint" and as soon as I looked up the wife of this lovely couple was pointing toward her husband as if to say, "he LOVES that stuff...sure he'll have some." Insult new friend's foul #2. Awesome.

Thankfully I think his manhood is in tact and he's ok with being a peppermint eating gentleman so I am hoping they will over look my size 10 foot (yes, I said 10 - ever since pregnancy I've been a 10) in my ever flapping mouth.

Here's hoping I haven't ruined things with our lime-lovin, mint eatin new friends.

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Margot said...

Well now you've gone and insulted an old friend with a size 12 foot.
(ha ha! I kill me) (True about the foot, but not the insult)