Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have been watching tv all day long today. Seriously, I have. And I haven't even cared that I am ruining the minds of my twin girls. I just wanted to see it all. So I sat on my big red chair and ate brownies and drank tea all morning and afternoon. I'm feelin pretty good about myself right about now.

This strange phenomenon is happening with this new year. I am finding myself almost...dare I say...bored. It seems like classic housewifeliness - I look around me and have a lot I could do (i.e. clean up, do laundry, plan meals for the next six weeks), but I only want to do the bare minimum to keep things going. I feel like I need a hobby or something.

Strange thing is that this time last year I had so much more to do than I could ever do. Maggie was only in school three days a week, the twins weren't even one, and we were going to every doctor imaginable to find out what was up with Tori. Even after her diagnosis I had endless appointments and therapies to schedule and go to - not to mention line up child care for Zoe and Maggie. It was a lot. A whole lot.

Now I really only have one thing going on each day. And some days not even that. For the longest time one thing per day was all I could handle with the twins. Now I just find that one thing is good for the morning, but then what do I do during naps and after school?

I had forgotten about this feeling but I am now remembering that I had it when Maggie was a little girl. It's kind of a pain to go anywhere because you'll probably have to leave when your kid throws a fit or hits someone or something crazy like that. And it's also a pain to stay at home all day because, well, then you just go nuts.

If any of you mommies out there have a suggestion for me, then let-er-rip. Only make sure the suggestions are things you can do that require little to no concentration and are things you can do with two small children whining and hanging all over you.

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Anonymous said...

Do you not see the obvious?? You need to write a book-kind of like Erma Bombeck-we need another one of her! You crack me up! I couldn't pull myself away from all of that yesterday either, on TV.