Saturday, January 24, 2009

Baby Emmaline

I cannot believe I haven't blogged about my new sweet niece. It's been a bit of a week so I'll give myself a break, but I am so excited about the new hunk of lovin in our ever growing family.

My brother David and his wife Mary Lane had baby Emmaline a little over a week ago and she is a miracle baby. They weren't planning this - they weren't even sure they would ever be able to have kids and frankly I think they were starting to be ok with that idea. When Mary Lane called me to tell me she was pregnant I seriously think she could have said an alien landed in their backyard and I wouldn't have been more surprised.

We were supposed to go see Emmaline this weekend but decided to stay away so that we wouldn't bring the sickness to Columbia. I just can't wait, though. Maggie especially is dying to get up there. She thinks Mary Lane is possibly the coolest person she's ever seen in real life. I just asked her who Mary Lane is as cool as and she said, "Hanna Montana, and the Jonas Brothers, and Miley". That's pretty darn cool in 5 year old land. Mary Lane, or Hane as we call her, looks cool, has a real job, and doesn't wear sweats and yell at kids like her other aunts with kids. I think I've said this before but Hane definitely ups the fashion quotient in our family exponentially. Maggie loves that. She also loves that for the longest time she was the only girl grandchild in the family and Hane has always given her princess presents for gifts. The first gift she got on her first birthday from Mary Lane was a little play purse with lipstick, a phone and a credit card. She also sends Maggie sparkly stickers and the last time we were in Columbia Mary Lane gave her some oh so attractive skull and crossbones pink and black tattoos (we'll get you back for that one Hane).

Long story longer, Maggie is busting a gut to see that baby. And to see Mary Lane.

Now for all the other aunts that are reading this, don't hate the player, hate the game. Mary Lane and Aunt Miranda win. They are child free (until now). They are fun. They don't make kids eat their vegetables and they send presents. So Jeannie and Leslie - the three of us are doomed. Even now that Hane has a baby I think she's just going to continue to be cool...she's just that cool. And Aunt Miranda, no matter where her life takes her, will always make pizzas with Maggie and spend countless hours playing outside with her. Don't worry, though. The three of us will be there when the curtains close and the cool wears off...yeah right...we're destined for "I love her a lot but if you kick the bucket, Mom, please don't leave me with her. I want to go to the cool aunt's house" status.

BTW, I'm joking about the last sentence. Jeannie, you've already agreed to keep my kids if I go down in a crash. No getting out of it now!


Mary Lane Sloan said...

What a sweet post. It made me tear up a little bit. Please tell princess pearl I can't wait to see her too!
thanks Buffy for the kind words

aunt duranda said...

aww shucks. that post is going in my scrapbook so that my unborn kids will see that mom wasn't always such a dork. i will have to edit out that vegetables part, though :)

you just made my day buffy!