Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just Breathe...

Ah, Faith Hill, you couldn't have said it better.

As many of you may have noticed, I haven't been blogging much lately. This Fall I found myself involved in quite a few weekends and activities that required a lot of time and preparation. At first I was a bit concerned that I had gotten myself in over my head. Once I realized that was quite true I threw my hands up in the air and asked the Lord to take my commitments and use my however He could. As is often the case when we give, we end up getting so much more. What a blessing these past few months have been.

In September I got the chance to spend a wonderful weekend with my little family at our church's first annual Family Camp. It was a blast. Ian and I got to speak on the weekend and as much as I loved preparing and giving that talk, I loved listening to Ian even more. There's really nothing better (or more attractive to me) than getting the chance to hear Ian speak from his heart. I love it...and I love him.

The kids had a blast too. We all took a family canoe ride, went swimming in the lake, ran around the camp, and had a chance to sing worship songs together. So much fun to see my kids learning to praise the Lord. And so great to have older kids in the church loving on my three girls. At one point in the weekend I looked around for Maggie and found her sitting on a high school girl's lap, just enjoying being with her. That high school girl (Emily) is also our Jesus-loving, super fun, really cute and kind babysitter - Maggie thinks she hung the moon. What a gift to me to see Maggie in total admiration of sweet Emily. It was an answer to a prayer I've had (and continue to have) for a long time; that my girls will have people in their lives who love them and point them to Christ. And Zoe just loved running around "free" and eating S'mores, while the middle and elementary school girls passed Tori around all weekend. There's not much better than seeing other people really loving your kids.

Over the next week or so I'll try to post about the other things I've seen and experienced this Fall. I am so grateful. I am so tired. I'm going to lie down for an hour before I have to pick up the twins! Mother's Morning Out is from Heaven.