Friday, November 6, 2009

Big Girl Bed

So we have had quite a big change in the Smith household. It's a long story, and you know how I love a long story, but I'll spare you this one. I'll just sum it up by saying that Tori is sleeping in her own room and we've moved Zoe into the room with Maggie. Not only is she in the room with Maggie, but she's in a big girl bed! It is so crazy weird that she is that old, but she was really ready. Since we've made this change literally every person in our house is sleeping longer and more soundly. Tori (after a return to the sleep training book) is not waking up every night; Zoe is thrilled with herself that she gets to sleep in Maggie's room, and Maggie has been gracious enough to agree to share. (I think she secretly loves having someone to sleep with!). It's been really cute and fun. My girls are getting big!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gracious - I just love it!!! Look at Zoe and how big she is in her own big girl bed!!! Too cute. I remember when my babies transitioned over to their big girl beds. So fun living through these fun times with you and your precious girls my sweet friend.
Love you girlies,

Allison said...

Precious, precious, precious:) I am so glad that you are getting more sleep. I mean I am glad they are getting more sleep too....but everything is better when mama sleeps better! LOL

Susan said...

Oh, my!! Susan