Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not the inspiration I was hoping for...

They say that adversity is the springboard of creativity (I don't know who "they" are and I don't think that's a saying...maybe I am "they" and I just made up a slammin quote). Either way, I think I could have done without this burst of drama that is catapulting me toward my computer.

We have the flu.

"Type A" flu.

What does that mean? Normal flu? Plain old run of the mill flu? Or...wait for it...

The dreaded Swine?

No clue. All they said was that we have the flu and we need to stay home for a few days. So, all of us are on Tamiflu, all of us are cranky, and all of us are moping around, bumping into each other, refereeing fights and eating chicken soup.

And if I see "Hotel for Dogs" one more time I'm going to have to take a jackhammer to the side of the Redbox video up the street.

It's really not that bad. We don't feel terrible. Just kinda puny. Oh and then there's the fact that Zoe is cutting two molars, which makes her act more like a frantic rabid screeching owl than a sweet and cuddly Zo-Zo. But it could be worse. I know that full well. Just wanted to vent a little.

I tell you, though, it may not get much worse for my sweet friends who have been over here the past couple days with their kids. Beth and the girls were over on Friday swimming in the red neck pool and slippin' slide in the yard. Then my friend Stephanie was here Thursday night with her three kiddos and we were all holed up in the house because of the rain. And Jen came by with her two girls to drop off a birthday invitation and they came in for a while. I can't decide who has it worse so I'll just let you vote...

Beth and her family are going on vacation today and they are taking their 13 y.o. to a Jonas Brothers concert. I can only imagine the dissapointment/despair that will run rampant through Caitlyn's veins if they get sick and can't go.

Stephanie and her family are also going on vacation this week. On a Disney Cruise. So I'm sure that will be fun if we've given them the flu and they are not only sick on a boat hundreds of miles off shore, but they infect the entire ship with Smith disease. It's a Magical Day at Disney.

Or Jen and her kiddos who don't have any major plans this week, but just got back from a family vacation in Hawaii...wait a minute, they shouldn't be in the running for this. Hawaii?! No fair. Still, I hope they don't get sick.

It is only fitting that we get this dreaded flu. After all, we have literally had every sickness known to preschoolers in the past 12 months. Need I list them again?

*Hand/foot/mouth virus (Not hoof and mouth, people)
*Numerous ear infections (Tori may have to get tubes)
*Violent throw up virus that ran through the house
*Zoe to the E.R. with Viral Meningitis...yeah, that really happened
*Strep throat for Maggie
*Zoe cracked her head open on the concrete when she was throwing a fit
*Swimmer's ear
*Goopie eye (that required drops)
*RSV (breathing treatments and steroids)
*Various diarrhea viruses that seemed to come and go all spring
*Oh my geez, the teething. Seriously, this might be the worst.
*And, lest we all forget, casts on both Tori's legs for three straight weeks

I'm pretty sure there's more, but that's all I can stand right now.

So don't I win some kind of award for surviving all these illnesses with my kids? Some kind of flexible spending account lottery or something?

Or maybe I just thank my lucky stars (and my sweet Lord) that we have made it this far without anyone keeling over and my marriage still in tact. Yeah, I'll take it.


kelly hipsher said...

oh lord i thought the two middle top teeth were i am really scared. Do girl, you are the bomb!! did i tell you we got a van. YEP, we turned in the car. The van is way better (never thought i would say that) especially the DVD player - crying baby saver that is :)

Allison said...

Bless your heart.....seriously? I thought my selfish, anxious self right now was bad.....well you my dear take the prize.

I hope you all feel better soon and hoping your friends don't catch it either:( BUMMER all the way around....hugs to you my friend!