Sunday, August 23, 2009

Let's go, GNO...

Well, more like a GWO. Maggie and I spent the weekend here in Columbia together while Ian and his mom took the twins to Columbia. Ian had a guys weekend planned at my parents' lake place so Sandy and my parents watched the twins for the weekend. Maggie had "meet the teacher" day on Friday so we needed to stay here for that. And let me tell you that we had a blast. It was soo good and so fun to get to spend time with just Maggie. I mean, we get to spend a good amount of time together and do a lot of special things, but this was just really fun. I don't know that I'll ever get that kind of time with the twins individually, but this weekend with Maggie made me want to make one on one time a priority.

We still had all our normal arguments and drama ("Mom, why can't I have an ICEE", "Mom, WHEN is my supper going to be ready?", "Mom, I don't WANT to go to bed"). The attitude is in full effect and requires constant attention and whip cracking. But other than that, our time together was a blast. We went shoe shopping, painted pottery, went to the pool, played puzzles, ate popcorn for dinner and watched the Hannah Montana movie and "Princess Protection Program" ad nauseam. Getting ready for church was such a breeze, too. Took me back to the old days.

But I have to say that I really miss Z and T and CANNOT wait for them to waddle in the door here in a few minutes. I have really loved watching the two of them lately; the way they interact with each other and with Maggie. In so many ways I am ready for school to start tomorrow, but I have also really enjoyed watching my girls bond. They play like sisters and get each other giggling so hard they can't stop. I still believe it's the sweetest sound there is.

All that being said, school does start tomorrow for Maggie and then Zoe and Tori start Mother's Morning Out on Tuesday. As hard as it is to believe that Maggie is starting first grade, it is equally as hard to believe that I will be dropping the twins off at "school" twice a week, lunchboxes in hand. I think they're ready - they talk about it all the time. And I know I'm ready for them to go, but is it really time?! I mean, please picture those two getting out of my van THEMSELVES, walking into a church preschool with their teacher, and me just waving goodbye and driving off. Now picture a 15 pound child dragging a lunch box to class. I did a google search today for "tiny backpacks" but nothing is really tiny enough. Little T. Once again I can see the Lord's hand in giving her a twin sister to help her out and spur her on. I am so glad they're a team. It makes it easier for me to let them go, too.

Bottom line of this post is watch out Starbucks...Buffy's got 6 hours a week to herself!!!


judy stanton said...

Buff, where are the twins going for preschool? Just wondering if they were going where Maggie had gone (and where Kelly went)-Mandarin Pres. When we were there they only had 3 and 4 year classes. The cutoff for the 3 yr class was turning 3 by Dec. 31. Well, Kelly was turning 3 on Jan 5, and with a newborn in the house, I was READY for her to go to preschool. So....I told them that her birthday was Dec. 30--I mean, what is 6 days in the grand scheme of things, and she WAS really smart for her age. She did GREAT, but I still think that lightning may strike me down some day for that!! Just wondering if that is where Zoe and Tori are going! DON'T TELL THEM ABOUT ME ALL THOSE 30 YEARS AGO!!!! Enjoy your 6 hours a week--I sure did!!!

Love, Judy

nicolefiehler said...

So excited for you to have 6 hours for Buffy! I'm coming to women's weekend...SO excited to see you!

Anonymous said...

Have a great 1st day of preschool Zoe and Tori!!! Love you bunches, Mrs. Beth

Enjoy some womderful downtime for yourself my friend. You deserve some TLC just for you!!! Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday and can't wait for the Women's weekend. Have a great day tomorrow. :) love ya