Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Country roads, take me home...

Last week the kids and I were in Columbia, as I've already shared with you, and we had such a blast. I have so much to post about it, but I'll start with this video from our visit to Papa's house. My kids LOVE going over there because they get these little snack packs that Papa fixes for them. Nana used to do it, but now Papa fills them up with sugar wafers (really is there any better cookie? have you had one lately?) and M&M's. The big kids get Mike & Ike's too.

Aaaaaanyway, my kids run in the door at Papa's house and then straight into the kitchen. Then they just stand there awaiting their treats. It's really cute. I caught the snack time on video and I have to tell you three things I love about it...

1. Papa's laugh toward the beginning of the video. It's just a classic laugh that we all try to mimic but we can't...it's just HIS laugh and it's awesome.

2. The way that my voice and my mom's voice turn ultra-Southern as soon as we walk into that house. Like when my mom says, "Oh Daddy, it's deeliiishous. Where'd you get that watermelon? At the market?".

3. The way Maggie interprets Tori's unintelligible sentence toward the end of the video. Thanks Mag. And watch how Maggie rolls her eyes and shakes her head at all of us. That's straight from me. Awesome.

In the back yard of Papa's there's an ANCIENT playset that the kids just love. I'm talking a "man I hope my kids are up to date on their tetanus shots" kind of playset. It's a blast, though, and Zoe and Tori were cackling while they played on it with Maggie. It's so fun to watch them all really become sisters. Enjoy the pics! Oh, and by the way, the last pic is of Zoe holding a picture of her real twin, my mom!


Anonymous said...

SO CUTE, Buff!
I love the video...that'll be a sweet memory of Papa!
The pictures are is adorable!
Come Back! We miss you.

mrs shortcake said...

Just precious! It's amazing - Tori looks just like your mom! Holy moly!