Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where is my Julie Andrews?

Yesterday I was going through some mail that accumulated while I was away. I came across a flyer for a cleaning service that said:

Life's Too Short To Clean Your Own House

Seriously? I mean how snobby does that sound? Don't get me wrong, I daydream constantly about a cleaning lady sweeping down from the clouds and tidying up the place Mary Poppins Style. But "life's too short to clean your own house"? That's a little much. It made me embarassed to live in the suburbs where we would get a piece of mail like that.

Not to get on a soap box (pun totally intended), but that brochure doesn't make me feel like I should get someone to come and makes me feel like I shouldn't be so busy that I can't clean up the place we've been blessed with. If cleaning is an obsession of yours, which it is NOT mine, then yes, life is too short to clean all the time to the detriment of your health or your family fun. My problem, on the other hand, is stopping family fun or playing with the kids or going somewhere else so that I don't HAVE to clean.

Therefore I am totally justified in wanting Ms. Poppins...right?

I'm not sure. For now I will just simply drag that company who sent the flyer and secretly wish I had one of those nice ladies coming by to scrub the potties.


ashby howard said...

It would be nice to have someone else do all the dirty work, but also, pride stems from that work! And you are right...isn't it great that we even have a house? The slogan was the problem with that flyer!

Anonymous said...

You do what you have to do. Sometimes I find myself hyperfocusing on that empty-minded task of cleaning. It requires no thought or even speaking, nor does it talk back. It can also be very rewarding when you have let things get to the point where the dirt is quite evident - then cleaning that and visually removing the evidence of the filth is satisfying. However, I also can find any number of things that are more important than cleaning house. Can you tell I have spent many years analyzing (rather than doing) the cleaning? Love and prayers, Susan