Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It just doesn't stop

I am not making this up. This really happened about an hour ago.

I fed the twins dinner at 4:00 because they were hungry and they were contained in their high chairs. While they ate I made a casserole for the rest of us to eat later. I even had my new spiffy apron on. I was Supermom.

After the little ones finished I cleaned them off, thinking we could even skip bath tonight since they just had one and they were relatively clean. I put them in the play area (aka the entire house except for the den and the bedrooms) and let them at it. Keep in mind that Ian and I have spent hours if not days getting this area childproofed. Well, last week during the tropical storm we got a LOT of rain and some ants decided they wanted in, so they kind of swarmed around the bathroom which is in the play area. Earlier today I removed the ant traps, cleaned up around the area in case of residue, put the traps in the bathroom on the floor and shut the door. Good enough, right?

Guess I was wrong because as I was sweeping supper off the floor it got really quiet. Any parent knows this is the sound of danger. So I peeked around the corner and the bathroom door was wide open. I screamed and ran to see what was up, though I didn't really need to see because I already knew. As we've established, Zoe eats everything and Tori is pretty much the same way. Well, there they were in the bathroom... ant traps strewn on the floor (not in their mouths at that exact moment but I KNOW they were in's just what the twins do), and Zoe's hands were wet because she had been splashing around in the toilet.

This happened all in a matter of about a minute.

So by 4:30 the girls had been fed, practically poisoned, had a toilet cocktail, a bath, and fresh jammies.

Who's Supermom now?

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The Ward Family said...

hey buffy! It's ANG!! I am so glad that amy told me about your blog -- I LOVE to read your posts -- they are hilarious ! So glad that we can keep in touch this way. you can check ours out too- our little girl (Georgia) is 7mo old next week - wow, it has been an adventure to say the least! love and blessing to you ! you can also see ashley's blog-
love- angela