Sunday, January 2, 2011

Time to make the donuts...

Can't believe school/work starts again tomorrow. We had such a restful break and I'm sad to see everyone go back tomorrow. It's been great having Ian home and getting the chance to just hang out together with the girls. We are going to have to detox a bit - been watching a lot of movies, playing lots of wii, computer games, DS games. Thankfully the past few days have been so warm that we've been able to get outside and play. We actually spent New Year's Eve cooking out and roasting marshmallows on Ian's new Tarheel Fire Pit...yeah, you read that right. I'll have to get some pics on here. It's so fun and we've had more than our fair share of s'mores since he got it at Christmas.

Yesterday Ian and I went to Starbucks for what I hope has now become a tradition...we did it last year too so I guess that counts. Anyway, we got Caitlyn to babysit (and she rocks!) so that he and I could go sit and spend some time looking back over the past year. Then we tried to think about 2011 and what we would like to see happen. We are both so resistant to setting goals or resolutions because neither one of us are good at keeping them, so instead we titled our list "2011 stuff" and went from there.

I think this tradition might be one of my favorites. It gives us a chance to actually take stock in are we doing as a couple, as parents, as friends and members of our church? Are we spending our money wisely? What do we want to do with the house this year? How's our time with the Lord, relationships with family, our health? I love doing that kind of stuff because it makes me love Ian even more. He is just very gracious and, well, he's just my best friend.

In December we celebrated our ten year anniversary so we've done quite a bit of looking back lately. We have really been through a lot in ten years; more than I care to name here. Some times have been really tough, and some very very sweet. We still fight about pretty much the same things we fought about when we were dating, but we laugh a lot harder together than we ever have. I'm just so glad he's my man:).

OK, sorry if I'm grossing you out (mainly Sandy and Mom since you two are the only ones reading this probably). I guess these past couple weeks having him home have really reminded me of all the things I love about him. I'm hoping and praying for many more decades with him, and also hoping and praying that our girls find men who love them as well as Ian has loved me!

P.S. This post was not simply a suck up for the iPad he bought me:)


Anonymous said...

aw-w-w, i love that you love each other so much! love and grace, sandy

Ed Eubanks said...

Buffy, that sounds like a great tradition. Maybe Marcie and I will have to put that one in place.

PS: they aren’t the only ones reading… !