Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm a Slacker

Hey you guys. Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. No excuse, really. Just kinda enjoying a laid back summer.

I do want to thank you for voting for Miss Nancy! She won the voting and is waiting to hear if she won the whole contest. (At a closer look we realized that, amazingly, the Ouidad people could finagle it so that they choose the winner. Vague. We're still holding out hope that she wins since she totally killed everyone in the votes and she's got a great story). I took some pics of Tori and Nancy when we were there last week. Maggie went too because it's basically like kid paradise at that place. There are tons of cool toys and gadgets, tiny workout machines and gym mats. The pics of us wearing crazy glasses is a game that somehow helps your eye coordination or something like that. No clue really, but it looked funny and it was fun.

Stay tuned for some funny videos. I have been trying to get the girls singing Hannah Montana and I think I finally got one.

I know, I know...2 year olds singing Hannah Montana. It could be worse people. At least it's not Flo-Rida.

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judy stanton said...

Hey--don't go throwing off on Flo-rida....Addie's favorite song for a while was "boots with the fur" and I had to download it onto my computer to play for her when she visited...low, low, low, low....
Love it, Judy