Friday, April 17, 2009

Sweet T

So here's my little one with her full leg casts. We got them yesterday and she'll wear them for about a month, changing them out each week. We are hoping this will straighten out her little feet.

She was an angel while they were putting on the casts. Then when we got home and I put her down on the ground she was TICKED. She's fine until she realizes that she can't get up and go any more. She has learned to sit up on her own and army crawl, but there's no way she's gonna walk with those suckers on.

Good news is that she now weighs 15 lbs! And even more with those honkin casts on her legs. She cracked Zoe in the head with one of them yesterday and I think I'm definitely going to have bruises from her kicking me while I'm changing her diaper. Fun.

Anyway, I was a little frazzled yesterday, needless to say, so my sweet friends Melyssa and Marty decided we could use some park time. The kids all had a blast and Tori just sat there and laughed and chatted while everyone played. Of course she gets whatever she wants for the next few weeks, so Melyssa gave her an entire bag of ruffles that she ate while she sat. So cute! She may not look at all like me, but that kid can eat like a Sloan...nothing's too bad that a bag of chips can't fix.

Though I was pretty upset about it yesterday (because frankly it really changes things for me...what about MY needs?!) I realized today that it's actually going to help me out a bit. For instance, when I need to get the twins out of a room I don't have to grab one and take her out only to have her run back in while I am frantically trying to get the other one out. As a matter of fact, I am thinking of asking if they'll go ahead and cast Zoe's legs too. That way I can just get them up, plop them on the floor in the den, and turn on Elmo all day long. Sounds like a plan to me!


Melyssa said...

And yes, for all of you readers out there....I will continue to give that most amazing little girl bags of chips, Oreos, candy, whatever she wants until the 4 weeks is up. Of course, Zo and Maggie get whatever they want and don't have casts.....hmmm, where is that logic, no clue! B, I am in love with those ladies. Tori is the greatest love of all. I will have a new fav tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

If you cast Zoe, get ear plugs for yourself!! SW