Friday, March 6, 2009

Nice Send Off

This is the way I find Zoe almost every time I get her up from sleeping...totally naked.

My sweet friend Harriet and her family are moving back to Durham, NC tomorrow. I am so sad! We have tried to get our crazy children together a lot this week so we can have coffee and hang out. Today I dropped by her house with Starbucks as a sort of final farewell. In classic Smith style our time ended with my leaving Tori there with her while I rushed Zoe to the doctor. She (Zoe) started throwing a fit in my arms and I put her down on the ground so she could go at it. She threw her head back and smacked it on the concrete. Of course it started bleeding everywhere, Harriet pulled out a bag of frozen okra (I love my Southern friends!), slapped it on her head and sent me out the door.

When I walked into the doctor's office the nurse just rolled her eyes with me. They know Zoe's a nut. I swear I have been keeping those people in business this past year. I've been in there three times since last Friday.

What a way to send off my friend. It really is perfect, though. She has seen me at my worst and for some reason still likes to be around me. I'm going to miss her for so many reasons. First of all, her boys are the most precious little things ever and her oldest, Will, has a smile that could literally light up a room. Secondly, she somehow knows me and knows when I need a break. She talked Ian into letting her take me away for the night last May. It was heavenly! We sat by the pool, read gossip magazines, got our toes done, ate yummy food and were asleep by like 9:30. I love that she is from Durham and we have that connection. I love that she will be eating NC barbeque, strolling Duke Forest and breathing in the beautiful spring in just 24 short hours.

The thing I think I will miss the most, though, is that she totally cracks me up. I think it takes a LONG time to start to really gut laugh with someone. I do that with my siblings pretty easily and with Ian, but even though I've only known her a couple years I really laugh when I'm with Harriet. Though we really don't get to see each other all the time, we call each other a bunch just to share something funny. I hope that won't change, though she won't be able to crack on people in our neighborhood any more. (Just kidding St. John's Golf - sort of). So sad.

Harriet, I love you and your family to pieces. Can't wait to visit soon and see you settled in NC. I know it's truly home for you both and we are excited/jealous (did I just type that?) for all that's ahead for you.

One thing we won't miss - watching the Duke/UNC game with you. I can't believe we tried to do that a couple years ago. Amazing our friendship made it through!


Judy Stanton said...

I have always thought that Zoe looked just like you, Buff, but when I saw that picture of her standing in the crib, it looks amazingly like Ian and Sandy!!!!! That's hilarious!

Love, Judy

Margot said...

Whenever I'm a little low, I open up this picture of Zozo and smile. She's just bursting with cuteness. I'm sure you think that every day.

Garrett said...

Awe, thanks girl! You will be glad to know that we have already had Q-Shack, just finished cheering the Devils through to the ACC Championship, have already made 3 trips to the Super Target that used to be the old South Square Mall, already had a shrimp BLT at Parker and Otis which is next door to the now vacant West and Vaughn! :)
I miss you so much. Thanks for the sweet shout out. The "send off" really was perfect on so many levels....