Friday, February 20, 2009

People ask me how I find time to blog. I always tell them that I do it so that I'll stay sane, which is partially true. Today it is totally true. I'm having one of those days. It's 1:30 and both girls are awake from their naps already FOR THE DAY. Tori has a tooth poking through and is such a bear when that happens. She is usually a real angel, but this kid screams nonstop when she's getting a tooth. Zoe, on the other hand, just seems to choose days to scream and whine. Really it seems like every day and it's really really hard.

I am breaking one of our family rules because we try not to speak negatively about another member of the family to others. But I gotta tell ya, I'm going nuts. I don't really know what to do. I tried to take them to a friend's house today for a playdate and it's just so difficult to reign them in, keep them out of trouble and off the stairs when we're somewhere else. Then I just end up feeling more frustrated because I can't finish an entire sentence, let alone a thought, with the friend I'm visiting.

I know this is going to pass. I know it goes quickly. I just can't help but think that I would be so much more fun if I had them in some sort of daycare or mother's morning out. One that I could count on. I have a sitter or two who come occasionally, but I am usually using that time to run errands or go tot he doctor or something. Which, don't get me wrong, is better than trying to do those things with the twins.

I realize I'm committing Mommy Sins by wishing this away and I want to say that's not what I'm doing, but I guess today I am. Sorry. I know that's not good. That's just where I am.

I promise I'll write about more encouraging things next time!


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain Buff, and I don't even have twins. We're counting on completing a sentence in a conversation in about 10 years or so. That way if it's sooner we'll be psyched. I love reading your blog. I think you're an awesome mommy and a very funny one too. Keep up the blog...I love the laughs. lil

Margot said...

Thanks for keepin' it real. Hang in there, friend. (It AINT easy) Margot

Margot said...

Thanks for keepin' it real. Hang in there, friend. (It AINT easy) Margot

Melyssa said...

Girl, I was wondering what happened to you today. I wish you would have called, I would have come over and held one! As a fellow mom who had several babies at one time, I feel your pain. And I too wished for them to walk, talk, get teeth, dress themselves, etc. It doesn't change how awesome they are or how much they are loved. You are a great mom! The girls, Ian and your blogging world are lucky to have someone like you! I'm around a bit this weekend....CALL if you need.


gooddog said...

I wish I had some encouragement for you. I really do think it is OK to feel that way some days. We wouldn't feel the good days as much without the challenges. I hope for you that you let yourself feel LOVED by Him today and rest in His arms no matter how you are feeling. And I pray for us both that we can enjoy the ride AND that the ride would be just a little more enjoyable some times!