Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ham Bone...Where Have You Been...

Around the world...And back again...hambone!

This is more than just a little ditty that my grandfather would sing to us while he played this hilarious rhythm on his knee. (I know, I know, more of the South Carolina Sloan craziness).

Well never was this ditty more true than last week. First of all, Maggie's birthday was on Valentine's Day and lots of family came in to celebrate. While they were here my dad decided he should go to the store and get ham, string beans, and hot dogs so we could make it through the weekend. After all, "there are so many things you can do with ham to feed a large family," he said. So funny. And so true.

I felt like Bubba Gump with the ham. We had ham by itself, green beans cooked with ham, vegetable soup with ham, black eyed peas with ham, ham biscuits, and ham sandwiches.

And the funny thing is, I felt like such a woman that week cooking up all that ham stuff. Sometimes I just picture my grandmothers smiling down at me from heaven while I make these Southern goodies. I put my apron on, let my kids run wild (like always), and get to cookin.

It's funny the things that make me feel like a woman. Not going shopping or wearing sexy lingerie. For me it's cookin it up for my family and bringing food to my friends.

All this cooking made me start thinking about the good cooking Nana did for our family over the years. It's almost been a year since she died and so I decided we should celebrate her life by, what else, cooking! So on Palm Sunday we're going to have a Nana Feast in Columbia at my mom's house for all Nana's kids, grands and great grands. I seriously can't think of anything more fun. Everyone is going to come and bring something that Nana made. Here's a sampling:

Fried chicken
Fried squash (aka "Papa's Favorite")
Mushroom rice
Butter beans (that's lima to you)
Green beans
Rice and gravy
(Extremely) Sweet Tea
Vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and pecans on top
Pound Cake
Trash (aka homemade chex mix)
Easter Eggs to dye and hunt (We always did this at the lake every year)
And let's don't forget the ever popular, ever present hi-ball (screwdriver) and mimosas

So take out stock in Tums. Wanna come?


kelly hipsher said...

FUN! I wish Banks could eat all that goodness. Next year :) When are we going to decide who's bringing what? Can't wait to see y'all. Love ya do-girl. p.s. my mom makes some pretty mean trash and fried chicken, actually all of it. no wonder katy and i can't cook, she always did for us.

Marty said...

I just did some genealogy research and it turns out I am a Sloan from a hundred years back! My mother's mother's mother's sister's father's brother was a Sloan. OK... I am not a Sloan but sure wish I was for this feast! What a wonderful way to celebrate! Enjoy!