Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feeling old

For the past few nights we've been watching a lot of TV...well, we do that pretty much every night. But this week we've been paying special attention to the commercials, of course. I gotta tell ya, I am starting to feel a little old. Like remember when your grandparents first saw a VCR and wouldn't even go NEAR it because it was too complicated? (Of course, Nana got over that quick because she wanted to learn how to tape her "stories"!). Or how your parents get that far away look in their eyes when they hear you talking about facebook or IM? Well, these are the looks I'm giving Ian every night when we watch some of these ads. And I really thought I was kinda with it. Apparantly not.

For instance, what is up with the Geico ads? I have been ready for them to move on from the caveman spots for a while now, but why did they choose to go to a stack of money with eyeballs? I just don't get that. Ian says that I'm not the target (Mr. Fancy Marketing Man telling me how it is). He's obviously right because I don't understnad a bit of that spot where the couple is in the Chinese restaurant and the woman is flirting with the Geico stack of money. Wha?

I do have to say, though, that the HULA spot with Alec Baldwin was hysterical. And I KNOW my parents didn't get a bit of it. I find that I am quickly approaching those days, though, when I stare at the newest tv spots and shows and think, "Is that supposed to be funny? I just don't get it." Maggie is going to be rolling her eyes and thinking that I'm so last week. It's coming quick, people.

What's making you feel old these days?

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Ashby Howard said...

I notice every cuss word in movies and think, "why couldn't they have come up with better adjectives or nouns" get the picture.