Sunday, November 23, 2008

Walking and Puking

Sorry, again, for not posting in a while. Our computer is still on the brink and I need to take it to get it fixed. I can get the screen to come on periodically and even then your guess is as good as mine on how long it stays on...two minutes max. So I've chosen not to blog on that computer because it would be too frustrating to have to keep starting over when the screen went out and decided to come back. "Take the computer to a fix it guy," you say, which seems a perfectly logical and reasonable thing to say. I can't decide, though, if the hassle of loading up the twins, packing snacks, juice, diapers, pacifiers, unloading them, loading them into the stroller (kicking and screaming) and leading them into the store for a fun filled time of computer talk with Circuit City guy is really worth getting the screen fixed. Plus, it's been a bit freeing this week not having a computer during the day. I actually sit down and read or do whatever I want during the twins' nap time and since my house is immaculate I don't have to feel guilty about it!

How's it going with Sandy, you ask? Well, for starters I called the lady who comes periodically to clean the house and told her I wouldn't need her until the beginning of the year when Sandy has her own place. Today Sandy clipped back the trees in our yard and weeded the flower beds all by herself. I went shopping with Tori. It was a dream! Well, at least until Tori had a coughing attack and threw up all over herself in Gymboree. So I used all my wipes to get her clean, stripped her down, and promptly walked us back to the sale rack to buy her a new outfit. That's one way to get new clothes. I think I'm going to start walking into J Crew and puking on myself just so I'll have to get a threads (did I just say threads? sorry).

OK, I'm falling asleep, but I couldn't let the day pass without blogging our exciting news. Tori took two steps this morning! It was so fun and great because we were all there to witness. I had Ian tape it and I'll try to post it soon.

My eyes are closing in on me. Gotta get some z's while I can since the twins both have fevers and bad coughs. Burn it flu shot!

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Margot said...

Can't wait to see Tori's steps!!!