Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So it's Thanksgiving tomorrow and in true holiday form my kids are sick. I am pretty sure that for the first two years of Maggie's life she had an ear infection on every major holiday, including both of her birthdays. I need to keep that in mind because as Ian and I remember it she was never as sick or as irritable as the twins. Pretty sure she was just as sick and just as irritable but she was just one miserable child and not two at the same time.

Tori has RSV and a double ear infection. She's also acting like she's getting more teeth. If I were to swear then I would swear to goodness that I am going to lose it if these kids don't get all their teeth...and quick. Zoe has ear infections too and a bad cough. Soooo....I am giving them breathing treatments three times a day (which is really 6 times a day) and that is just not fun. Not just because they try to swat away or bite the inhaler for five straight minutes, but because they literally cry non-stop all day long...and most of the night.

Since Sandy's been here I feel like I've been validated in all my feelings and frustrations (as well as the joys too, but I'm not thinking joyful thoughts right now). She has said a number of times that before when I told her we had a hard day she would believe me, but now that she sees it firsthand she realizes that I speak the truth. It's just been straight up terrible for the past few days. Really the past week - they got flu shots and immunizations last Wednesday and ever since then they have been sick. Ugh.

To top it all off we are supposed to be in Orlando this weekend for Thanksgiving/Christmas with my side of the family. I have been so excited about it and I was so so mad yesterday thinking I may not be able to go. The doctor said today that he didn't think we should take the twins so I am trying to shift my expectations from a magical wish upon a star to just simply praying the girls will shut it!

I think we're going to work it out, though, so that Maggie and I can go while Ian and Sandy stay here. That would be so incredibly heavenly to me. I know that sounds awful, but I just want to get away! I told Ian I would send him on a trip to wherever he wanted to go by himself next weekend if he just let me go this time. We'll see how that flies.

This morning after an hour of crying I put the twins back in the bed (it was only 8:30 am) and I came out to the den. I said, "Maggie, what are we going to do with these crazy children today?", to which she instantly replied, "Well we could just go to the pool and drop them in the water."

Out of the mouths of babes.

p.s. I love the twins and I'm not going to go Susan Smith on them so don't worry.


Ed Eubanks said...

We feel it for you-- really, we do. (Did you know that we just had twins? They were a month old on Monday, born 6 weeks early.)

When Jack (now 6) was 18 months, we had to start doing nebulizer treatments with him 2 times a day on a normal basis, every 3-4 hours when he had a cold. We didn't have double, but now having twins I can imagine what it must be like.

I'm praying for you today that it will work out for you and Maggie to go to Orlando. And for your twins to get well quickly.

Margot said...

I agree with Sandy. What you live with is madness. Few could survive. You're allowed to say that, Buffy. It does nothing to take away from the preciousness of your girls' precious little lives.

Cammie Howard said...

Going Susan Smith? I laughed out loud at that comment-and also the one about dropping the twins in the pool. Your blog is always so entertaining. I am glad you can take the trials and even make them funny!! I do hope you get to get away!! Bless you!

uncleben said...

Merry Christmas! Praying for you.
May be in your area around Gator Bowl time- praying about that too.

Ben S