Friday, May 16, 2008

We've turned a corner, people!

OK, so I hesitate to even type that because I know that things could change at any minute. What I also know, though, is that I will never give birth to twins again and go through the entire first year of two peoples lives. As sad as that may seem, I have to say I'm pretty psyched about that fact. I really really feel like I have tried to savor this year and all the special moments, but that doesn't mean I can't be excited about never going back again.

Coincidentally, at my one year OB/Gyn appointment my doctor looked at me and asked, "Now what are you doing for birth control?" To which I looked at her like a deer in headlights and replied, "You tied my tubes, remember?". I wanted to say, "Can you just open me back up if you're not too sure?!". I mean, that's something you don't want to hear your doctor say. Then she remembered - at least she SAID she remembered tying them. All I'm sayin is those suckers better be knotted up tight.

Anyway, I want to tell you about the corner we've turned. This morning I was in the kitchen and glanced in the play area and realized that the girls were just in there playing with their toys! Un-freakin-believable. This only lasted a few minutes, but still. Granted, my entire living area of my house is completely gated off, baby-proofed, and devoid of anything remotely stylish or valuable, but it works. Maggie and I just have to make sure that the doors to her room, both bathrooms, my room and the laundry room are all closed and we're in business. I tried the "cage" approach (baby gates that make a big play area), but they were wise to that trick after about a day. So now they just roam around, crawl everywhere, and think they have all the freedom in the world.

Another breakthrough happened today when I went to the grocery store. I had 20 minutes before I had to pick up Maggie and normally I would never try to run into a store that quickly with the twins. But I decided to try it. So I parked near the store, got both of them out - one on each hip - and hobbled across the parking lot to the nearest double cart. You don't have to be a mom of twins to appreciate the double cart - you just have to have more than one small child. The dilemma, of course, is how do you get your kids to the cart without leaving them alone for 30 seconds in the car. I guess I'll just have to pray that a police officer who has never had offspring and doesn't get it won't be parked next to me while I endanger their lives for half a minute. Anyway, I got the girls in the cart and buckled them in so they could face forward and play with the germ infested steering wheels (although not at publix because they provide those antibacterial wipes that I am SURE get all the guck off). They were so excited about this and I have to say that they looked absolutely adorable. And hilarious. Hilarious because Tori is so tiny and doesn't look like she should be able to sit up, let alone drive a cart. A man even asked me today if they were a year apart. So I'm so excited to actually get through the store without Zoe eating the bars and Tori kicking my c-section scar while she's in the Bjorn. And then I realize that people are looking at them, thinking they are cute, and then thinking that they cannot believe that I would let a newborn baby sit up in a cart like that. I can see it in their eyes. The reason I know is because they look at the girls and smile, then they don't look at me. They just kind of keep their eyes on them and their wheels start turning about how they would never let such a little baby sit up in a cart like that. Whatever, people. Walk a mile in my crocs, would you? Besides, Tori had a blast. She was reaching over and turning that wheel when I showed her what it was for.

So, that's the new corner we've turned. I remember when Maggie turned one I thought we had turned a big corner too. This time it feels like heaven. The babies will be one on Sunday and I seriously think it's more of a celebration for me and Ian than it is for the little peanuts.

By the way, Zoe's hair is hilarious. She has just enough to put it in side ponytails if you pull out the hair as much as you can. And another bit of excitement - Tori got her little shoes yesterday that will help correct her feet (they're just a little curved at the toes, nothing major). The shoes are adorable - they look like old school white kids shoes and you just put them on the "wrong" feet. We'll see how it works!
I forgot to mention that the other corner turner this week has been the no-bottle, no-formula plan. Seriously, it's going to make life easier while saving us about $80 a week! Praise.


Anonymous said...

What a perfectly delicious laugh! I love your kids and when I see pictures on your blog, I'm particularly excited. So I'm looking at the loveies and all of a sudden I notice those two "things" sticking out of Zoe's head. I laugh even now, while writing this. What a wonderful photo for 20 years from now!! By the way Dotsie says your blog is "hilarious/insightful/fun/a blessing" L.Susan

nicolefiehler said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ZOE AND TORI! and happy birthday to you for one of the hardest years yet i'm sure! i love reading about your life as a mom!

nicolefiehler said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the girls! what an accomplishment to have gotten through this year! i LOVE reading about your life as a mom! miss you!

Anonymous said...

To me, Zoe is a mini you, and Tori looks just like Ian's mom. Good job representing both sides of the family.

Melissa said...

Buffy, it was so much fun to talk the other day. Your girls are adorable - I, too, love seeing the photos. Happy Birthday to Z&T! I love reading your hilarious, honest, sweet entries about your life. What an amazing year its been! Lots of love, Melissa