Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our big girls!

What a weekend. First I went to a great Women of Faith conference with my buddy Beth and it was so great to get to sit and receive from great speakers and musicians! It really was a good way for me to have a few minutes to reflect on this past year.

Then on Sunday we had our small group over to celebrate the girls' first birthday. It was so fun! We got a "jumpy thing", as you can see, and I must say that I really think it would be worth the 400 bucks at Costco to just go ahead and buy one of those things. We had people at our house from the moment that thing was set up until yesterday afternoon when they took it away. Maggie probably spent a total of 8 hours on that thing in two days.

As you can see, the twins were not very shy about digging into their cupcakes! It was so sweet and cute. I mean, it's not like sugar had never crossed their lips, but this was a different story. Tori just kept cramming the whole thing to her mouth and Zoe at it faster than I've ever seen her eat. Just too cute.

Needless to say, we were totally wiped out on Sunday night. The picture of them in the johnny jump ups is from Sunday morning, though. We were furiously cleaning and getting the house ready and they were watching a video in their jump ups. Zoe just finally gave in and snoozed right there. Maybe a sign they spent a little too much time in there? Nah.


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Anonymous said...

Buffy - adorable pictures!!! Love the cupcakes on the face. It was a great party and such fun to share with you guys. It has been such a blessing to watch Tori and Zoe grow over the last year. They are so precious, little angels.
We love you all!!!

Anonymous said...

Feel a little intimidated being the only male contributor to your blog, but I was given this site from a new mutual friend, Caroline, (hilliard) Younginer. She works with my fiance, and lo and behold the conversation just seemed to switch to you!! Your writing is great (is a book in the works??) I'm finally back in SC!! Email me sometime, I would LOVE to catch up with you--

Gregory Nicholas

Margot said...

Buffy, the girls are gorgeous!
Margot & Zoe