Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Don't you wish your hubby was hot like mine?

So this past Friday Ian came home from work and told me that he had a surprise for me. He said he was giving me a 24 hour "Hall Pass", as he liked to call it. He sent me away for 24 hours with my sweet, fun friend Harriet! So great. Saturday morning Harriet came over and got me and we were off on our adventure.

I need to tell you a few things about Harriet. First of all, she is really fun and has this beautifully, "fresh face to the world" kind of smile (easy, breezy, beautiful - seriously). She makes me laugh and she's just one of those friends that is so easy to be with. I don't have a crush on her...I just think she's awesome. Anyway, the second thing you need to know is that she planned this whole thing. She came over to visit me about a month ago and I guess I was having a hard day. I remember just telling her that I needed some space and needed to clear my head a little. So she went straight home and emailed Ian with her idea for a Calgon weekend for me. I mean, seriously, you all need to have a friend who will do this for you.

We just had a blast. We ate lunch at Cap's on the intracoastal in St. Augustine, then got our nails done and headed to the resort. It's a place called La Terra and it's just beautiful, as you can see. By the way, I would have included a picture of us at Cap's but I look like I ate the actual restaurant instead of just the salad that I ordered, so that'll just have to stay on shutterfly. Anyway, La Terra has this really relaxing pool with this huge fountain and these comfy chairs. We sat our there for a couple hours, talked, and read magazines. Then we got a TON of seafood take out and brought it back to the room. We got a movie to watch, but couldn't hold our eyes open, so we went to sleep. Well, she went to sleep...I devoured an entire People magazine before drifting off to dreamland.

I slept so great. I can't even tell you. I remember waking up one time early in the morning and thinking that Maggie was right beside my bed saying, "Mommy, it's seven oh-oh. Can I play computer games?". Then I realized that it wasn't real, so I went back to sleep...until 9:30 am! Oh Lordy, that was awesome. Don't you just love hotel sleep? It's soooo dark and quiet and the beds are so cushy. Jijit. After we got up we went and had a mammoth brunch at this other hotel and then headed home. It was just so fun and neither of us were ready to get back, but our sweet hubbies had had enough, I'm sure, and were ready for our return.

I have to hand it to Ian for sending me on this weekend and taking the kids himself. I mean, I know they're his kids too and everything, but it's just really hard for ME to take care of the girls every day by myself while he's at work, and I do it every day. I'm proud of him. When I walked in the door I was attacked by three precious little ones and one good lookin man. I must admit that it took me about an hour to readjust, but I think that's probaby just a sign that I was truly relaxed while I was away.

Stuff like that is just so good. I realized that I am really starving for some time alone. I am hoping that since the twins are almost a year old that I can begin to build some of that time back into my schedule. I just need it to stay sane and to be a good wife and mommy. I know these are not new revelations, but they are ones that I too easily forget and let slide. As the Comcast turtles say, " Ahhh, me time."

Oh, I meant to mention that Harriet decided we could save some bucks by going to a nail salon rather than the swanky spa at our resort. I totally agreed with this decision, so we hit up "Alivia's" in the Publix shopping center. Not only did we feel like Elaine from Seinfeld when all the Asian women were talking about her in another language, but we also got a kick out of the poster on the door of the tanning room. She had to sneek a picture of it for your enjoyment. These four beautifully tanned "Austrailian Gold" gods and goddesses are in serious need of a cheeseburger.

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nicolefiehler said...

buffy! i just found your blog...i wasn't blog stalking or anything :) i am SO glad to be able to read in on your life now! i actually just made one myself--its

miss you!