Thursday, July 26, 2007

We'll See How Long This Lasts...

Hello and Welcome to my new blog! I used to think these things were stupid - I mean, who would be conceited enough to think people would want to read daily accounts of some normal person's life? Well, apparantly I am that conceited person.

Why am I doing this? Well, I am a stay at home mom with a four year old daughter, 10 week old twin girls, and a husband that works a busy (but great) job. Sometimes life in this townhouse can get downright monotonous, so I figured, "Why not subject my friends and family to the monotony?". At least I'm sure my mom will read it.

I also just long for a connection with the outside world - a world where people drink lattes and have lunch meetings and go to Target. A world where yoga pants and tank tops with spit up stains are not an option. Don't get me wrong - the grass is very green in my little life. I really do spend some time every day in awe of the life I lead - thankful I don't have to work a 9-5 job, that I have three precious girls, that my husband loves me and that it's virtually always 70 degrees or warmer outside. But having a newborn (much less TWO newborns) can be a little isolating...hence the need for the blog.

I must admit my inspiration is my sweet sister-in-law, Leslie Sloan. Her blog is a total trip and is my lifeline some days. You should check it out - it's (I think). So if my blog gets boring, then check hers out for a little laugh. I'll try to keep this interesting and hopefully I'll be able to keep up the posts. I'm never sure what my days will look like, but I'll give it a whirl! (What I mean to say is that hopefully this is not my first and last post!). Enjoy!


lesliesloan said...

You are the best! Thanks for pimping my blog! I love you!

Jennie Jenkins said...

Buffy...I LOVE IT!!!!! I have already added you to "My Favorites"! I love reading Leslie's also--it always cracks me up--I'm always amazed at how she has the time to write all that she writes in her blog! Maybe this will force you to carve out a little "quiet time" for yourself each day so that you can blog!!! You can always use it as an excuse for Ian to take care of the girls so that you can catch people up on your site! HA! I'll be checking back in soon.....

Love, Judy

Susan said...

OK...I give in. I have never read anyone's Blog until now. Buffy yours is my first and only. This way I get the news firsthand instead of through Sandy!! Love and prayers, Susan

nonnie said...

you said you were going to try this when we talked this morning...AND YOU HAVE!...yippee buff!!...all those girl hormones and you're still finding time to blog ums...sandy

Gammy said...

I love it! Can't wait!
Wow! Knew you liked Meg Ryan in When Harry met Sally but didn't know that carried over to Sleepless In Seattle.
Thanks for the pictures with comments.