Monday, July 30, 2007

Victoria Beckham Coming To America

Please tell me you saw this special on Victoria Beckham. It was HI-larious. I am now committing to saying everything is "Major". Join me?


Judy said...

I mean, WHAT IS UP WITH THIS BECKHAM MANIA?????? It seems everytime I turn the TV on they are talking about one of'd think that Prince Charles and Camilla just moved to America. And no, Buffy, I missed the special...wish I had seen it now after watching the clip...looks like it was really "Major"!

Kelly Hipsher said...

It was totally "Major", and yes Buffy, i am fully committed to using that term at all times.
Loved, loved, loved the Beckham special.

Heath said...

the dolphin caller has had way too much plastic surgery!