Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sleeping much?

This morning Maggie and I made muffins and coffee together. We mixed the batter and filled the muffin tin. The oven beeped that it was preheated. I put the muffins in and started to make the coffee. A minute later I realized I hadn't set the timer, so I set it for 10 minutes.
Two minutes later, as I was about to leave the kitchen, I glanced over to see that I never put the muffins in the oven like I thought.

Yesterday I almost put a prepared bottle of milk in the cabinet with the glasses.
I've watched High School Musical so many times this week that I could literally star in every role in the movie.

As Troy Bolton and the Wildcats of East High always remind me, "Get your head in the game."


Anonymous said...

Be assurred that you are not the only one up at the ungodly hour of 5:15 AM. And while you can usually know you are being prayed for when I am doing devotionals at that time, that was not the case this morning when Nate cried out cause he fell out of his bed. Devotionals do have to take second place to some other parts of life sometimes.
Tell Zoe that peanuts are also good to obsess anytime.
Please tell Maggie that I love the pictures of her on the blog. Am impressed she took such great shots with the camera herself

Martha said...

I'm peeing in my pants trying to picture you reciting every line in High School Musical.