Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day/Bday

So yesterday was Ian's birthday and, as you know, Father's Day. We had a great day - church, which was awesome, then cooking all day, then cookout with Sandy and the Kibbe fam. I gotta say, my Nana had to be smiling down on our meal last night. I made fried squash (Papa's Favorite), onion rings, cucumbers in vinegar, corn on the cob, and we grilled burgers. Then Maggie and I made Nana's chocolate cake for dessert. Yumm! You know how you try to make recipes like your grandmother and they just never turn out right? Well, somehow the Nana-feelins were with me yesterday because it was good...I mean Yummarific. The chocolate icing was thick and really chocolatey. I think the secret is in excessive amounts of cocoa, and an awesome pink Kitchen-Aid mixer. Not to toot my own horn, but...toot toot toot!!

So the awesome sermon yesterday was about doing good and not needing recognition...I think I may need to listen to that again after all my gluttonous gloating.

Happy Birthday Honey!! What a great Daddy/Man/Hubby you are. Love you so much.
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