Thursday, January 21, 2010


I don't really want to hear how bad of a parent I am so if you're inclined to comment with alternative methods of discipline, please don't. I have tried them all. And I'm not necessarily a "spankin machine"...I can threaten, revoke privileges, and send to time out with the best of them. As a matter of fact, this week, for the first time in my children's lives, I used the phrase, "if you do that again I am going to bring you back into this bathroom and wear your bottom out." Stellar moment for me.

Not as stellar as last night's mother-of-the-year performance.

Tori has been kinda struggling all week. She threw up once on Monday, but I thought it was from some meds I gave her that upset her stomach. She has seemed out of sorts, but no fever at all. Just cranky and not too much of an appetite. Still, she was playing and running and being her adorable self yesterday. So when she woke up crying last night we thought it was her bi-weekly "I think I can get out of here and sit with mom and dad for a while because they'll feel sorry for me because I'm small" trick she pulls. She woke up over and over and after many attempts to calm her and give her milk I finally started the threatening..."Tori, if you don't stop crying you are going to get a spanking."

I mean, I gotta follow through.

So, I did. I have to add here that I my spankings are a measly excuse for a spanking. Still, Tori is a lot like me and it really doesn't take much for her to get the message. I spanked her. She kept crying. I went in and told her that if she didn't stop and go to sleep that I was sending in the big guns (aka Daddy). Daddy came and went. She would be quiet long enough for us to fall asleep and then start again.

We gave in. She came and slept with me and Ian got kicked to the red couch curb.

Tori slept pretty well the rest of the night. She woke up fussy, though, so in my infinite wisdom I decided to take her to the doctor. (I need to add here that I was NOT super excited about it because the twins were scheduled to be at Mother's Morning Out this morning and I needed an eyebrow wax something fierce). The long and short of it is...Tori has strep throat.


How'm I doing? Spanking a child who has strep throat. I'm feeling pretty good about myself .

Tori's had two lollipops and numerous cookies today. Not necessarily great for her health, but definitely good for my peace of mind.


Allison said...

I. LOVE. You. I feel like I need to wear a big ole' banner on my forehead to Lawson's school tomorrow that says "MOY" Yep. Right there with you...(((HUGS)))

P.S. I hate that I missed Julie's wedding because I was super pumped about being able to hang with you. I know y'all had fun:) So happy for her!

Anonymous said...


Katie said...

Thank you thank you thank you... it does my heart good to hear that I'm not alone in my "stellar" mom moments. I so appreciate your honesty! I promise, you are not alone!

Tami said...

Girl, I had a VERY similar experience this week. Addie had a bad attitude for a few days and was definitely getting a spanking here and there for the disobedience. The next night she was up all night and the only way she'd go back to sleep was if we just let her cry. At 11, 1, and 4! Took her in the next morning and not only did she have a double ear infection, her eardrums had RUPTURED and blood was oozing out of them. Awesome. You, my friend, are not alone. :)
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Girl - you definitely need to give yourself a HUGE break!! We all have these moments ( I have had quite a few this week alone) and you are one of the BEST MOMS I know!!! You are a loving, patient, kind and super AWESOME mom!!! Hang in there girl.
I love ya,

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of your pals. You are an awesome mom. And I'm not being sarcastic. I just came to your site to show my girls some of your videos and laugh and read your Tori story. I know it makes you feel awful when stuff like that happens. But you are a wonderful mama. I let my 6 year old go to school with no shoes one day this week b/c she forgot them. It's January and we live in Colorado. She was cold. I'm constantly vying for mom of the year:) lil

Anonymous said...

Hi Buffy!!
Love the mommy guilt stories. We could each write a chapter in some sort of anthology. Our latest was telling Kaitlyn to cut the drama about a sore on her finger, until we realized she had quite an infection, complete with swollen lymph nodes and a streak up her arm. Praise the Lord for our friend, amoxycillin.