Monday, January 25, 2010

Just one stomach flu away from my goal weight...

Possibly my favorite line from a movie ever. Stomach bugs and sickness are really no fun. Especially for moms. I really don't think it's right for moms to get sick because not only do we get feel terrible physically, but we also pile on a good dose of guilt about all the things we can't do when we're up and at-em. Ian was in Boston from Saturday night until (allegedly) Sunday night. Sunday morning I woke up feeling really rough...then rougher and rougher as the day progressed. It would have been a miracle if I didn't get sick because all three girls had strep throat this week and I wipe and clean every possible bodily excrement on a daily basis. Have you ever had to get a urine sample from your toddler in one of those urine bags that you put on them and they wear in their diaper? Let's just say that some of it made it into the cup, while the rest made it onto my toddler, my hands, and my bathroom floor. Fun.

Sooooo...Sandy came over to save me on Sunday and ended up spending the whole day here because I had to go to the CVS minute clinic and get some antibiotics, which I promptly threw up a couple hours later. Fever, chills, anxiety, pooping...not a good combination. Sandy took care of the kids (and the laundry and the dishes) while I tried not to lose my mind. She is so great to jump in like that. What a blessing to have her living here!

Enter my mom and my sister. When you're sick like that you just want your mom. It's just the way it is. So, I was on the phone with her and with Jeannie a good bit yesterday. Mainly for mental support. You see, when I get sick I need someone to continually reassure me that I am not going to be like that forever. I will get well. It's just strep throat. I am not a bad mother. Maggie will survive if I have to miss her Drama performance on Monday. Mom and Jeannie did that from miles away yesterday - and they didn't even make fun of me. I feel like such a weenie that I'm like that, but I am. Thanks you two!

The village continued to be in full effect, though, because Sandy had to go home last night around 9:00 and Keri Pound came over. What a sweet friend to come and sleep at my house, wake up with the three crazies, fix them breakfast and help get them out the door. I'm pretty sure she'll be getting her tubes tied sometime soon. At 8:00 a.m. my sweet friend Marty came to pick up Mag for school. She also took Z and T with her and let them play at her house for a couple hours.

Marty...she lives five houses up the street from me and it's glorious. It's like having my sister down the street. Do you know those friends who just KNOW when you're going to lose it and you need some help? That's Marty. Not just today, but last week she walked outside, saw Zoe lying flat on the sidewalk throwing a fit, and proceeded to take her for the rest of the afternoon. Marty has three kids of her own - Amelia and Elizabeth (6 y.o. twins and BFFs with Maggie), and JP (totally cute as a button one year old who we are hoping will continue his love affair with Tori for years to come). I tell you all that because not only did Marty and Jasi bought a house in our neighborhood and are moving this week. Yep, moving. So there's stuff everywhere between her old and new houses. She is running trips back and forth like a mad woman, filling up her SUV numerous times so she can get started with unpacking. Her husband is out of town this week on business, her uncle is visiting so that he can help, and she takes my two girls for the morning. Seriously? AND, when I called her to tell her that the girls could come home I heard her talking to Tyler, another little boy that she was watching for a couple ours while his mom was in school. What a saint. I mean it.

So where was Ian this whole time? Well, Sunday he was in Boston on business and spent most of that time feeling pretty sick himself. Because of the weather, he and his coworkers got stuck in Boston and didn't get out and back to Atlanta until 1 a.m. He called me at 3:45 a.m. when he finally got to the hotel. He was back at the airport a couple hours later in order to fly home and be here by 10:30. Ugh. He slept all day and is trying to force down some food. It ain't lookin good for my man.

So here's to you all you sweet sweet women in my life who help me out so much. I really don't know what I would do without you...when I'm sick and when I'm well. I love you all so much!

I am feeling much better. I was able to get to Maggie's drama performance, which was a trip. I'll post some of it soon. She is quite the enunciator.

OK, I'm off to eat some saltines...

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Hang in there, girlfriend...