Thursday, April 10, 2008

What I wake up to each day...

"Mommy, it's seven oh-oh (i.e. 7:00 am). I want Barbie waffles and a drink in my Hannah (Montana) cup. Come on."

How did it come to this? I am 35 years old and I'm being bossed around by a five year old. Don't get me wrong, we are trying to nip the sass in the bud, but it's a full time job and sometimes she catches me off guard.

Mag is a sweet kid - she and I have a blast. When she becomes Miss Sassy Pants, though, I have to regulate. The thing is, every time I hear her speak with a slightly sarcastic tone or respond in a way that doesn't thrill me I actually hear MY voice coming through her little body. Scary. I know she learned it somewhere and I'm pretty sure that a good portion of it is from me. The rest we'll blame on being five and spending time with other five year old girls - the cumulative effect of which produces a 13 year old in a 39 pound body. I really feel for Maggie's preschool teachers. There are about 8 girls in her class and they are all adorable and hilarious - daughters of friends of mine. When you get them together, though, they can sass with the best of them. "You're not my friend," "I don't want to play with you," or the kicker, "I'm the mom and YOU'RE the little girl." That last one is Maggie's favorite. I think she just loves to boss people around like I "boss" her around all day. Isn't that just what moms do?

I remember my mom telling me that one time she came back in my room while I was resting and she heard me talking to my dolls. I had them all lined up on the bed and I was saying, "No, you may NOT do that. If you do, you'll be in big trouble and will get a spanking," (or something to that effect). Or another time when I was at my ballet recital and the rest of the class started messing up on the dance. In the middle of the dance on the stage I began placing everyone in their correct spot so that we could continue. A little bossy, you think? But they were doing it WRONG! I just couldn't twirl by and watch that happen. I had to DO something!

OK, so I gotta run. Time to make up stories with barbies, which actually means that Maggie will dictate every move the barbies make. Wonder where she gets that from?

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Allison said...

Boy, do we have a lot in common! I can so see my Lawson doing exactly what Maggie is doing:) Thanks for giving me a glimpse into my future! After having Mac and adjusting to a boy(being the oldest of 4 girls) Lawson came along and she is just like me. I am now preparing myself to what she has up her sleeve;)and i usually know in advance...hehe