Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Mercury, Venus, the Earth and Mars...

These are the planets that dwell 'neath the stars.
Saturn and Jupiter, Uranus too,
Neptune and Pluto, I know them, do you?"

This is the song I sang to Maggie on our walk last week as she was telling me she was learning about the planets at school. After I finished the song she simply said, "Mom, Pluto is a star, NOT a planet."

Two questions:
1. What do you do when your five year old is smarter than you?
2. How can they just go and change the planets like that?

Just doesn't seem right.


Anonymous said...

man i love yall...and no its just not right!

Anonymous said...

Watts got me on that one, too! Same song and everything. I hope David reads this one...and Mrs. Teague!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this makes me laugh, Buffy. I learned more the three years that I taught 4 & 5 year olds at ETV in Columbia than I did my entire college career.

Our curriculum mainly consisted of information I gathered from children's books which I checked out from the library on whatever theme we were studying. I was constantly coming home and asking Minot such things as, "did you know that a jellyfish doesn't have a brain?? They just sting whatever comes in contact with them!" I mean I seriously learned so much during those 3 years. They just didn't teach things like that when I was in school--I mean it was...See Jane run. Jump Dick, jump! 1+1=2, stay in the lines when you color--no creativity, no wonderful facts about jellyfish or planets. No wonder I scored what I scored on my SAT! HA!!! Guess I need to head back out to the library and check out a few more children's books!!!!

Just had to share this with you!!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

i don't think pluto is a star... it is just too small of a mass to be considered a planet anymore. it got downgraded. just fyi... now you can go back to being smarter than your child. :)